Sunday, April 15, 2018


Meanwhile, there's been more Mulan casting news lately, with more Chinese actors and no whitewashing so far. I hope the story will be good too, but it's a long time to wait.

Also, The Simpsons stepped into the Apu controversy, and it was pretty shitty. Don't misuse Lisa Simpson like that! I love Hank Azaria, but there's no need for him to keep doing this character when he has others. Just because it started long ago, does not excuse it now, and just because it's animated doesn't make it okay either. I mean, fuck it. The Charlie Chan character started out with racist yellowface, but nobody today would DARE to reboot those mysteries in the same way now, in 2018. Get with the fucking times!

Anyway, I saw Rampage yesterday. It's an entertaining popcorn flick, like an attempt to have a King Kong vs Godzilla type movie. I never played the Rampage video game, so I don't care about faithfulness to the source material. However, the beginning part on the space station felt somewhat long, like it's own little mini movie, as did the part where the mercenaries tried to hunt down the Ralph the superwolf. It felt like a weird series of vignettes with characters who got killed off quickly, or who disappeared after only a couple of scenes. (Initially I thought that all the zoo workers were going to help track down George, but no, they were just minor characters at the beginning.) Once we got to the core plot with the main 3 humans and 2 villains, the plot was more straightforward. I do wonder why the mutated alligator Lizzie got so little to do; saving her just for the final battle in Chicago?


Scandal Dodging

The Syria strikes are frightening, given he did it without Congressional approval and then declared "mission accomplished" with no sense of history. I hope this won't escalate to more, especially whenever he needs a convenient distraction. I mean, the situation has been awful in Syria for years, but when Obama suggested intervening before, Republicans opposed him; so of course they're hypocritically fine with it now.

All this drama in this administration, and still they ignore problems that remain unaddressed like Puerto Rico. It's a fuckin soap opera circus, and I so want it to end.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Ugh, Love Triangles

No! Timeless brought Jessica back to life. Stupid manufactured obstacles. At least Hedy Lamarr was cool. I was surprised at how they got Flynn out of prison, but I wish we'd had more development about Jiya's seizures and visions.

Lucifer's love triangle is still shitty, ruining Maze. I still hate stupid-ass Pierce/Cain and I keep looking for spoilers so I'll know when he'll fucking go away. No such luck, though. Maybe he'll stay until the end of the season. I'm considering dropping the show, it's so bad lately.

Meanwhile, Deception is okay. I don't like the voiceovers at the start of each episode, and the twin in prison is still dull. However, at least the crimes-of-the week vary, making the procedural more fun and interesting. The explanations of the illusions are decent, and we even got a little development of the secondary characters Dina and Mike. Cameron hinted at his childhood not wanting to disappoint his father while living one life with his twin. I guess I can stick with it, at least until the mysterious woman magician becomes too obtrusive with her Moriarty shtick.

On Black Lightning, Jen's powers are starting to emerge, and Gambi confessed about his past, helping "scout" teens with enhanced abilities. I don't know why Lala (Latavius) came back to life, nor why he's being haunted by LaWanda's ghost (who kisses him? Why?) It's very confusing. I wonder if the "Shadow Board" Tobias mentioned might be the ASA that Gambi worked for. I wonder if all those kids in suspended animation will come back to life too. Have to wait and see, I guess.

Friday, March 23, 2018

March For Our Lives

I'll be working this weekend, so I won't be able to go to any of the marches, but I hope everything goes as well as at the Women's March. Go, kids, go! Gotta keep pushing so we can save some lives.

I'm glad that the police stopped the Austin package bomber, though the weird characterization of him in the news is really disturbing, especially compared to the latest victim of deadly police brutality.

I've read that the latest spending bill by Congress was pretty good. I mean, it didn't have a DACA fix or Obamacare stabilization, but at least lots of poison pills were removed from it. Congress took baby steps regarding background checks for guns and allowing medical research for gun violence. Even the money for the border wall is restricted to repair existing boundary fences/barriers. So mostly a bipartisan success that managed not to be derailed.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Love, Simon

I went to see this teen gay romance this weekend. Yes it's a little bit cheesy, and the whole mystery of Blue's identity made me feel contrary enough to guess that maybe one of the girls was gay. Did any of the posts specifically say he was a boy? Or was it just the lack of the word "lesbian" rather than "gay" that led to the assumption of gender? I don't know. I never read the book. I also find the idea of a secrets website creepy, and it's weird that Leah urgently calls her friends about every post on the site, even when she doesn't know that it relates to Simon. Made me feel that she might be gossipy and gawking at the secrets, rather than sympathetic to them. I guess it's just the way young kids use social media nowadays.

The opening narration by Simon did seem a little too specific and insistently "I'm just like you" but then it's revealed later to be his introductory message to Blue, so that made it less annoying. After being outed, Simon was silly enough to think that things were somehow "easier" for the out black gay kid in his school, even though that guy gets bullied pretty regularly and his home life isn't perfect. It's a kind of stupid, self-absorbed blindness that comes with youth and white privilege I guess; after all, Simon's not perfect. When being blackmailed, he manipulated his friends pretty cavalierly, but I'm glad that they eventually made up. Nice happy rom-com, even if it was another "coming out" story.

I did like Tony Hale's role as the principal. He was very funny, and so was the drama teacher.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Midseason launches

Timeless hit the ground running with their season 2 premiere. An explosion, then WW1 (aka the Great War) and Marie Curie. I almost forgot that Emma was Rittenhouse, but they used her nicely as an enforcer, and at the end Garcia Flynn gets recruited to join the Time Team in hunting down the sleeper agents. I guess this is a reasonable explanation about how Lucy began working with him and wrote that future diary that he had in season 1.

Deception premiered at the same time, and it was okay, though I didn't like the reveal that he had a secret twin brother all this time, and it started with their magician father making them share one identity from childhood. What a way to screw up some brothers for your career! Where was the mother in all this? A manipulative creep too, or a passive enabler like the mother in The Family Fang? Who knows. I have just recently finished my DVDs of The Magician with Bill Bixby, a previous take on a magician mystery show. In comparison, Deception is a flashier, bigger-budget thing, with a whole team of magic assistants/illusion designers helping the lead. I find him kind of smarmy, though, rather than charming, and I don't like the female villain with two eye colors, 'cause she's giving off female Moriarty/Irene Adler vibes from Elementary. I'll give it a couple of more episodes to improve, but if it doesn't, I've already got a fluffy, Castle-like show in Private Eyes.

In theaters I recently saw Game Night after the great reviews. Jason Bateman doesn't play a jerk, but his character is super-competitive with his brother. There was some cringey humor in the beginning about sexual inadequacies, but once the game night got into full swing, things were more fun and lively. The twists were interesting, though I was kind of hoping I'd see a staircar during the airport scene. Too bad. Apparently I missed some after-credits scene with the Denzel Washington look alike, so I'll probably go see it again.