Friday, May 22, 2015

No more grimdark

In TV news, the Supergirl pilot leaked, and most people seem to like it. Good. I was hoping it would be bright, charming, and light, unlike the gritty darkness of other DC properties. I hope it will be like Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, because I want some fun feminism instead of the soul-crushing Agent Carter. I'm over Marvel but willing to give DC a chance this time.

On Netflix I tried the Daredevil show that was praised so much, but I stopped halfway through the pilot. It was awful. His stupid monologue about his father being a boxer took so damn long and he never explained to the confessional priest what the fuck his father had to do with whatever he meant to confess. And he didn't confess it. Stupid, incompetent exposition dump. Besides that, I hated all the violence and degradation against women. Sure, this is a gritty dark crime drama about a vigilante, but I don't need to see a bunch of sex traffic victims cowering in fear while the hero beats up the bad guys, and the girls don't even think to try to run away until the man freaking tells them. Later, I sure as hell don't need to see a guy attempt to kill the woman in police custody either. Sure, she defended herself and survived, but why do I need to see that violent, victimizing shit in the first place? What is wrong with people?

I don't watch shows about serial killers or stalkers either. I even quit the CSI shows years ago over their constant need make more exotic, horrific methods of murder that felt like voyeuristic exercises in titillation. I'm so sick of this garbage that everybody else seems to like for being edgy. I mean, no, I don't think stuff needs to be censored or anything. But me personally, I don't want to see psychopaths just being evil for no dang reason. There comes a point where it's gratuitous and you can't take anymore. Not everybody gets off on sadism, you guys.

Happy Birthday, ACD

So the ACD Estate are suing to get the new Mr. Holmes movie stopped, as well as get money from the filmmakers and book author Mitch Cullin. The article also mentions the copyright trial they lost last year to Leslie Klinger, so this looks more than a little desperate.

The last 10 Sherlock Holmes stories are still in copyright, so this lawsuit is based on specific elements from those stories. However, I disagree with their claim that Holmes becoming warmer, gentler, and kinder is something that happened only in the last 10 stories. I remember him being warm and sentimental in some early stories, as well as stories right after he came back from his fake death. I also disagree with their claim that Holmes "got over his distaste for dogs" only in "The Creeping Man." Holmes had no distaste for dogs in The Sign of Four when he used a dog to track the creosote trail. But that's the thing about ACD, he didn't write with consistency and planned character development; he didn't care about Holmes that much.

Anyway, considering that Mitch Cullin's book came out in 2005, and the Estate is only suing now that it's been turned into a movie starring Ian McKellan, this feels like pure greed. (I read the book years ago, but hated it, so I won't be seeing the movie either way.) I hope that the Estate loses again, especially with their claim of trademark infringement which they hope to apply forever.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Still no news about Super Clyde, so I guess the pilot is dead again. So sad. Various trailers are being released to promote new shows, and I just don't "get" the Minority Report one.

I haven't seen the Minority Report movie in years, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the point of the film that Precrime was terrible and oppressive? That's why it got shut down? It was unfair that people were being imprisoned for crimes which they hadn't committed, as if they were predestined and had no free will to change the future. Also, some of the Precog's visions were wrong, and therefore shouldn't be trusted. So this fucking TV show says that one of the Precogs wants to go back to predicting crimes and have a cop help him stop various murders and stuff. So he fucking wants to go back to the old horrible system? Why are we excited about regressing to bad old days? What the fuck?

Also, what the fuck with the stupid conspiracy theorists in Texas? Shut up about Jade Helm 15, you idiots! You do not speak for me! Fuck you!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Boko Haram

I was happy to learn lately that Nigeria had rescued some of the kidnapped girls from Boko Haram, but I thought they said they hadn't found the Chibok girls yet. Now I read this report about the girls not only being rescued, but harassed. So awful, after what they went through. I wonder why Nigeria couldn't have done more months ago, when all the other countries offered help.

Pinkerton Family Business

Happy Mother's Day. Today's episode featured Will's brother Robert Pinkerton, who was played by a different actor, so I don't see why the show bothered to incorrectly claim that Robert was Will's twin before. Anyway, Robert came to do performance reviews on Kate and Will, who are suspicious because normally George Bangs does such evaluations. (George H. Bangs was the real life General Superintendent of the agency, and Allan's right-hand man.)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Renewed Shows

Well the networks announced a whole bunch of renewals and cancellations all at once. I'm kind of glad they did, instead of keeping us in suspense until the upfronts. I am happy for fans of Agent Carter, but as I said before, there's no way I'm watching season 2 unless I get a guarantee that Peggy is the boss now instead of being put-upon and disrespected in the SSR. She's more than earned S.H.I.E.L.D. already, and Howard was a total dick to only give her a stupid apartment.

I enjoyed both Cristela and Forever, but am not surprised that they were cancelled. What I can't understand is why ABC renewed Galavant. It had terrible ratings, and the finale sucked big time; I will never watch that show again.

I'm happy about the pickups for the new Muppets show and Supergirl. I hope that superhero show will be closer to what I wanted Agent Carter to be. Of the pilots, I'm sad that The Brainy Bunch and Craig Ferguson's show apparently were passed on. There's been no news about Super Clyde so far, and I was hoping it would get through this time. At least most of my other favorite shows were renewed. There may be more news tomorrow or at the very least, next week. I'm glad I got my Tivo working again.