Saturday, July 14, 2018


Scarlet Johansson backed down from playing the transman after all, and said that she's learning. One can doubt her sincerity and think that she did this to save her Black Widow movie. I'm still side-eyeing her. There's a lot of clueless internet comments from people thinking that she was "bullied" into withdrawing from the part and that "sensitivity" has gone amuck. But that's bullshit. She didn't even fucking looking like the guy she was supposed to portray. Not remotely.

Hollywood has been making movies and TV shows about trans people for years now, profiting off them and getting Oscars and Emmys for the people that Johansson's rep listed in her stupid comeback. How many fucking years are trans people supposed to sit by watching all these great parts go to cis-actors, while they in turn don't get to play cis roles? I'm even appalled that Louie Anderson is playing a woman on the cable show Baskets; all I ever see is critics praising him for doing a brilliant homage to his mother, and not one person questions why the hell he's stealing a role from older actresses, who have to fight for any meaty good roles.

Yellow face and black face in Hollywood's past isn't acceptable anymore, and that's what we're talking about, privileged people stealing from underrepresented minorities who never had the chance to play the lead character. It's like fucking Luise Rainer getting that part in the Good Earth instead of Anna May Wong, who paid her dues for years playing stereotypes and dragon ladies. She had to go to Europe and China itself to get anything worthwhile, because of Hollywood's racism. I mean you wonder why it took 70 years to get the first Asian woman nominated as a lead actress in a drama series? It's because 1) they don't write that many lead roles for Asians, of either gender, and 2) even when they write them, Hollywood wants to cast white actors for those roles instead. Sandra Oh thought she was reading for the receptionist role, not the fucking lead. That's how crappy things have been. And in the meantime, on the comedy side, Constance Wu still has no Emmy noms.

So telling Scarlett to get her head out of her ass is not "bullying" her; it's telling her to fucking drop the mask of her white privilege and start being an ally. 'Cause fuck, I read recently that the London pride parade had been spoiled by transphobic women spouting that right-wing shit that transwomen are just men who want to rape women in bathrooms. This fucking nonsense needs to be eradicated, and it's not helped by having trans people constantly be played by the wrong fucking gender. When is Hollywood going to learn its lesson?

Thursday, July 5, 2018

This and That

I read that a woman climbed the Statue of Liberty in protest. Aside from my being afraid of heights, that's much braver than I am. And she was doing it for the separated children. Thanks for keeping the resistance alive!

Also, a boys' soccer team in Thailand are trapped in a cave, but they've been found alive. Officials are trying rescue plans A, B, and C to get them out before monsoon rains flood the caves worse. It reminds me of the trapped miners in Chile, and I even read that one of the miners wants to go there to help. Good luck to them.

Meanwhile I'm glad that Private Eyes season 2 is now airing on ION. It's a perfect light summer mystery show. They take a variety of PI cases, not always murder, and they just added a new character to run their office. I hope she stays awhile unlike that babysitter character who disappeared off The Mysteries of Laura. So many networks do dumb reality shows during the summer.

Scarlett Johansson apparently didn't learn her lesson with Ghost in the Shell. She's signed on to play a transman in a biopic, and she defended herself by listing other cis actors playing trans, including freaking Jeffrey Tambor. It wasn't right with them either! She's really a garbage person; I won't be watching that Black Widow movie for sure.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th

Well the rest of season 5 didn't show up on Netflix after all. It was just fan speculation and that "coming soon" tease. But after all, we had been hoping for episodes on Cinco, and they didn't come until nearly June. So maybe the second half will be weeks late as well.

There's an elaborate Cracked theory that Lindsay is Lucille Austero's daughter. While I'm glad to see people noticing that the Nichael birth certificate has the wrong gender, wrong birthdate, and wrong birthmother--basically everything on it is wrong--I think that Cracked's theory is farfetched and "cracked" if you will. After all, Lucille Austero could simply be dyeing her hair black because she doesn't want to have grey/white hair that makes her look old. There are other fan theories out there, like Tracey Bluth still being alive, or Murphybrown being Tony Wonder's nephew.

All these people think that these clues have been hidden and seeds planted in the way that Buster losing his hand was foreshadowed in seasons 1-2. And sure, AD does like doing long-range background jokes like that. But they've also retconned stuff and ignored Maeby and GM's marriage for two seasons now. They're not infallible and they mess up quite a bit of continuity at their convenience. (They're totally inconsistent on whether one family member --Tobias in season 2, Michael in season 5--can sign away rights for the whole family, or whether each person needs to sign the contracts--season 4.) And they do spiteful things like deporting Annyong for no reason.

Season 5 seems to be trying to hint that something happened in 1982, something blackmail worthy, and Lucille ended up bribing Buster by letting him ride in the July 4th parade that year. It's why Lucille objects to Ron Howard's TV series, because she thinks it will dig up buried family secrets. Apparently they've got something to tell us, but I'm pretty apathetic and almost expecting the secret to be a huge disappointment. Like the fucking staircar photo that makes not one ounce of sense, and becomes instantly moot because of Buster's prison escape. It doesn't matter who's in the photo, because now Buster's a fugitive!

Uggh. I'm not watching this show for some huge twist to be revealed at the end. I just want a wrapup of the murder mystery, a Gob/Tony ending, and some closure like the way that Development Arrested wrapped up the series in season 3. I don't want Lost conspiracy shit or the stupid "Live" gimmick Mitch talked about in his magazine interview. Mitch, doing that would mean that you officially became the idiot network rating stunt that you were parodying in S.O.B.s. Do you not see that? Why do you retread bad old jokes? Why can't you move the fucking story forward instead of spinning your wheels going nowhere? We fucking waited years for this. End the fucking movie you've been talking about all this time. Fix it, Mitch, and don't come back begging for a 6th season. I won't be there. I'm tired of these episodes not being worth it.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Stay Safe

Stay safe, Maxine Waters. Stay safe, Parkland teens. Stay safe, journalists. Stay safe, all you beautiful protesters this week. Stay safe, lawyers and judges trying to help the immigrant kids. Stay safe, everyone in Puerto Rico. Stay strong and keep fighting injustice. Activists make me feel better than any old "thoughts and prayers."

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Meanwhile, I did hear that NBC officially cancelled Timeless, though it got swamped by other news. I think they are still hoping to get a 2-hour wrap-up movie somewhere. I don't know if it's likely at this point, but good luck.

Netflix is showing that new episodes of Arrested Development are coming soon. Maybe they'll appear on July 2nd, where the 1st half left off. It better fix the damn cliffhanger and solve the Lucille Austero disappearance, because this mystery doesn't need to be dragged out any further. Also, they never answered who sabotaged Gob's wedding illusion with the mud hut. I hope they don't answer it with a stupid last-minute retcon. So much stuff about season 5 was terrible and haphazard, like they just threw random stuff at the wall. Are you FUCKING making up the story as you go? You had no thought out plan ahead of time after all these damn years? Bastards.

I saw the Incredibles sequel this weekend, and it was okay. Funny at times but also slow at others. I mostly just wanted to see the short Bao that people had been talking about. That was fine, but I guess I'm not moved that much by Pixar anymore. I wasn't excited for the Lego Movie 2 trailer either. The only recent movie that I haven't felt meh about was that Netflix Set it Up romcom.

I really want to see Crazy Rich Asians, and everything else looks boring lately. I'm also waiting impatiently for the Miss Fisher movie to finish and get a release date for America.

Supreme Court

With Kennedy retiring, and the prospect of a new Trump nominee, things are looking very dire. He really screwed us. I couldn't even process the shock at first and just needed to get away from the internet for a while. Democrats can't filibuster anymore so we have to somehow get some Republicans to vote against confirming a new justice; if they're anything like our Texas senators, than that's going to be a lost cause.

And yet, I have to believe that we can somehow fight on, with public protests and voting in the midterms so we can at least reclaim Congress. Otherwise you're only left with futility and paralysis. Or lots of people vowing to move to Canada, but that leaves behind everyone who can't go and need help. Gotta find a path through Mueller or someone else that can bring an end to this destruction. Just hope it's not actual war with North Korea.