Friday, May 18, 2018

TV Cycles

Well, upfronts week is over, and a bunch of shows got cancelled. Brooklyn Nine-Nine got saved by NBC. I do love the show, but I dread each season finale, because they insist on doing crazy stunts, like the witness protection plot, which messes up the first few episodes of the next season. I think this year they won't do it, and won't pull a twist like how Castle ruined the wedding with a kidnapping plot. But still, I'm sick of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's curve balls. I feel it's almost too greedy to want another season, but then again, it would be nice to explore Rosa's bisexuality a bit more.

As for Lucifer, I say "good riddance." Season 3 was fucking awful and took too long to get to Maze and Linda finally making up. Cain absolutely killed the show, and the writers kept spinning their wheels going every which illogical way, ruining every character in Cain's wake. For nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Still no news about Timeless, but I'm not surprised. At least we got to Harriet Tubman before it was over. I'm sad that some of the TV pilots I was interested in didn't get picked up, like Get Christie Love and Greatest American Hero. Stupid networks.

Netflix is releasing Arrested Development season 5 in two parts, so we'll only get half the episodes on May 29th. Even worse, Portia is only in 5 episodes, which means that Lindsay's political campaign probably won't last long. Sad that the writers never find enough for her or Maeby to do, instead treading the same old ground over and over.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Crazy Week

This week is early voting in some primary runoff elections, but I won't have time to vote until tomorrow. I heard recently there was something where the TX GOP tried to get a bunch of Democratic candidates thrown off the ballot, but the court ruled against them. Good. This is like the first time in so long that we've had Democrats contesting most races.

This week the US moved the embassy in Israel, and the results were shitty as expected. Acting like it's all the Palestinians' fault, and the Israelis aren't to blame for shooting unarmed protestors. What a great ally to democracy and peace, huh? :eye roll: And of course North Korea isn't going to just roll over and give peace to Trump. He was an idiot to think it would be easy.

At least the Senate voted for Net Neutrality, and there's been rumblings that some Republicans will try to defy Paul Ryan and vote on DACA at long last. Good luck.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Return of the Star Wars kid

So, Netflix released a new trailer and poster for Season 5 now. Looks okay so far. George Sr. isn't dressed as a woman anymore, like post-Cinco in season 4, so hopefully they have dropped that horrible maca plot and accepted that with a real licensed doctor, he could get proper treatment; the stupid shit about him feeling more comfortable in the wig (when he started out saying "this feels wrong!") was so messed up. I wish we could get glimpses of Tony Wonder too, but they're probably saving it along with details of Lucille Austero's disappearance. Mostly the clips are just the "family of the year" campaign and a peek at a new hideout/cottage. Oh, and George Michael recreating his Star Wars video.

Recently I've seen trailers for Will Arnett's Show Dogs movie, and I thought, "What the hell kind of agent do you have, Will?" I guess he's in a talking dog movie so that his kids can watch him in something. But then I noticed Will's voice in the animated Teen Titans Go! movie, so that's a little better quality. Still, how many comic characters is he gonna do?

In another confluence between AD and Star Wars, the Han Solo movie directed by Ron Howard comes out within days of AD season 5, so Ron did this trailer as a fun promo. Plus, it inspired the maker of the fan-made mashup to continue with another episode. Have to wait until September, though.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Huh. Apparently Sherlock Holmes 3 is still moving forward. I'd given up on it after all these years with no news. Robert Downey Jr. also kept looking like he was shopping around for a new franchise like Perry Mason. Well, I hope it's good, though I've no idea if they'll follow the plot of Empty House at all.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel finally got his wings back oh Lucifer. About damn time. I hope Pierce/Cain gets killed off next. His nonsensical storyline ruined this entire season, and did damage to Maze as well. I skipped some episodes because the writers couldn't get enough of dumb love triangles.

The TV upfronts are soon, so there should be more renewals and cancellations on the way. The chances don't look good for either Timeless or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Deception is iffy too; I sort of like it, but the magic conspiracy and the Mystery Woman plot appear rather convoluted. I'd rather have less scenes in the prison, and more information about the kids' awful father and what happened to their mother.

Monday, May 7, 2018


I finally finished the remix. With the exception of the Gob/Tony stuff, I actually think the last six episodes are tedious. The "previously" clips get too long and unwieldy, and the narrator talks too damn much over dialogue. They seem to have extended the worst scenes (Michael and GM lying to each other at the Ealing club, the shitty double date at Balboa country club, Michael's horrible haircut meeting with Ron Howard, etc.) while they cut some significant dialogue, like Gob's long "Bad example" speech about his revenge turning into real feelings. What does that mean, combined with cutting the post-Cinco scene where he gets the call from Tony Wonder and stares in the mirror?

They also changed other things, i.e. Steve Holt's pest control van collides into somebody else, not Michael and Gob arriving in Sudden Valley. Of course they still haven't fixed the timeline, constantly talking about "last night" and "1 day ago" about the Opie Awards, yet having Tobias and Debrie talk about how it's been 3-6 weeks for them in their mini-universe. Fucking put dates on your damn scenes!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Cinco de Cuatro

So far I've watched 14 episodes of the season 4 remix. There is some new footage (probably alternate takes and deleted scenes from when they first filmed season 4) and some new narration that tries to patch over confusing points and clarify the complicated wall plot. Some of the narration is too unwieldy though, and they don't actually fix the timeline much, still sloppily combining incidents from 2008 with incidents that have to occur in 2011 or later. I mean, they're still pretending that season 3 was the kids' senior year of high school, when it was only their junior year! Also they tried to fix the story of Barry Zuckerkorn getting arrested for lurking outside the school by making him say "I'm back" at the store when he buys the ladder, even though that scene should have taken place long before he got arrested and put on trial; why else would he be free to go to the store and buy (another) ladder? Very shoddy attempt to repair the issue. Also, I thought I caught a problem where Olive Garden is China Garden's aunt, but later the narrator says the women are sisters.

Still, there are some good points, like what looked like a new joke about Ron Howard and Marion Ross. Another one is that Rebel Alley's PSA's are called "I Mean Come on." Since season 4 took place before #MeToo, it makes all the jokes about Hollywood creeps being predators, Dr Norman drugging patients, and Herbert Love sexually harassing women somewhat eerie and uncomfortable. I still hate the awful maca storyline with George Sr. and really dread what season 5 is going to do with it. Tambor will definitely be in season 5, they announced; I wasn't expecting any different, due to all the filming being done since the same time as the allegations. Given how many damn years it took Mitch to finish the remix, I would think if he even attempted to cut Tambor out of season 5, it would take years to rewrite the plots and restructure the season, so I'd rather just take the season as is, than wait longer.

I mean, Scott Baio has been a douchebag long before Trump, yet AD included him as Bob Loblaw back in season 3, and let him come back for season 4 as well. So I've been tolerating people I don't like on the show for a while. George has always been a villainous character anyway, though at times the show tried to make him sympathetic as a patsy of spies and his wife Lucille. My attitude is that I might as well just pretend Seth Rogen's face is photoshopped onto Tambor's, so I can enjoy the rest of the cast and get resolutions to the cliffhangers. Not everyone will feel the same, but that's just me.