Monday, March 2, 2015

Still Not Cancelled

So Netanyahu is still going to give the speech tomorrow. I haven't commented before because I kept hoping either he or the Republicans would back off and realize they'd gone too far. That the Democrats would really boycott the speech instead of being afraid of AIPAC calling them anti-Semitic. That Obama would "rebuke" Netanyahu not merely verbally but in some concrete way, like cutting off funds to Israel. But no, that's never on the damn table. Never. So nothing changes, and I'm tired of America being beholden to Israel. The most I can hope for is that Netanyahu will lose the Israeli elections I guess. But will his replacement be any better?

I'm glad that Juan Cole reprinted part of Leonard Nimoy's thoughts on peace from 2011, and his wish for a two-state solution in Israel. Too bad it's 2015 already, and they've still made no progress. Rest in peace, Spock.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Wonder Woman

The weather has been awful here lately, though it's certainly not as bad as how the Northeast has been snowed in. But I'll be glad when the ice and snow are gone.

I watched the Agent Carter finale and realized that I wasted 8 episodes on this show. I should never have watched it. Yes, it's more competently written than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The writers clearly had a plan here and executed it; I just disagreed with almost everything in their plan.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Tone Deaf

In Thursday's Elementary episode, Sherlock Holmes continues to be a huge hypocrite, lecturing everyone about how corporations and lawyers view people in purely financial terms. Yet he lives in the brownstone owned by his father, who is exactly the same kind of monstrous one-percenter he rails against daily. Worse is that it seems the writers are completely unaware of this contradictory shit; they act like Holmes's ranting is righteous anger. It's really discouraging to continue with a show that is so in denial about its main character. Holmes, when you forsake your trustfund and move out of the brownstone, and earn your damn living from private clients, then you can talk about the evils of capitalism without being a tone-deaf, idiot snob. You profit from that rich one-percent lifestyle every damn second of your life. And you had the nerve to despise Mycroft for having a job as a restauranteur! At least your brother earned his damn living instead of being a dependent on your father's money.

Anyway, as for Watson, she did indeed move into the brownstone, with a slight twist. They attempted to "fix" the situation by having Holmes talk about her emotional regression since Andrew's death, and Watson responding that there was nothing wrong with her seeking a safe place to call home. Then Watson decided to set up an office space for her in the basement, and she finally acknowledged that she was indeed going to take separate clients and not always be Holmes's detective buddy. I still think it's too little, and Watson didn't take back her words about how she didn't "deserve" to live a normal life. Fix this damn shit, writers.

One thing I will say about the villain of the episode, Dana Powell--I wish that was how they wrote the character of Moriarty, whether male or female. Just someone cold and calculating with a meticulous scheme, who wasn't obsessed with Holmes, and cared about money only. That's how to do old school Moriarty correctly, instead of as some Catwoman femme fatale. Moriarty should not be merged with Irene Adler at all. It's so wrong and cheapens both characters. Why should I put up with this, while the show completely drops the mystery of Holmes's father? It's just as awful as the Grantchester show being obsessed with its love triangle, to the detriment of the detective mysteries. I'm certainly never watching that show again.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Guest Host

Will Arnett got one of the open slots on The Late Late Show since Craig Ferguson left, and I recorded it last night. It was both his first and last time hosting the show, which became a running joke throughout, as Will and his guests feigned nostalgia and grief about his imminent departure. At the end, Jimmy Kimmel even sang Neil Diamond's song "Hello Again" rewritten as "Goodbye" and then they trashed the set, knocking over the couch and some guy in a ketchup costume.

Seeing Will reminded me of how I much I like seeing his face on TV, instead of just hearing his voice in Bojack Horseman or commercial voiceovers. So I hope his new Netflix series Flaked will be good, though I'm not sure about it based on the show description yet. Will did mention CBS cancelling his sitcom during his monologue, but that's just how it goes in show business. I do wish he had mentioned Arrested Development more, since David Cross was on, but I guess he didn't want to start another internet rumor about when season 5 will happen. Will also mentioned Bateman once when talking about going to the Golden Globes with Cross. I had hoped that the "sidekick" would have been a nice surprise like Bateman or Ben Stiller instead of pre-taped Will Arnett; it was an amusing parody of phoney showbiz tropes at least.

Well, I hope it won't be too long before seeing Will's crooked smile again. I was surprised that it was also the last night for Peter Lassally, mentor to many late night TV hosts including Craig Ferguson. I think the show still has more guest hosts until Corden actually takes over, but I've already seen the ones I wanted to see. Later edit: I just found out that Peter Lassally was the man who brought Will the suit in the cold open; I didn't know what Lassally looked like. Also apparently he retired that night because all the remaining guest hosts have pretaped their shows before Arnett's. Will really was the last guy.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy New Year

Well this has been a pretty good Lunar New Year, what with the first same-sex marriage in Texas. A lot of times it feels hopeless being blue in Texas, so this was good news.

I'm also very encouraged by the new diversity on TV. Fresh Off the Boat has now survived two Tuesdays in its competitive timeslot, and they had a fabulous sex talk episode this week. I certainly enjoyed Jessica teaching her son Eddie that "no means no" and "respect girls!" I hope the ratings stay steady for next week. Also Black-ish's ratings have recovered lately, so it looks like we can have multiple successes at the same time.

Even The Pinkertons has added to its cast diversity lately. This week's episode not only brought back their former Japanese client Kenji, but added a female "mystic" named Miyo who was part of Doc Sprague's travelling spiritualism show.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Had to Ruin It

Well, fuck it. They brought back Jamie Moriarty, at least in the form of a letter voiceover. I feared they would do something like this with the Kitty vs. Gruner storyline, but instead they did it with Joan's nemesis Elana March, that mob boss she sent to prison. I don't want Moriarty back for any reason at any time. I hate her. They should never have merged her with Irene Adler. Fuck. Now I go back to checking spoiler websites to warn myself if she's guest-starring in an episode, so that I can fucking not watch it.

God they had to ruin a perfectly interesting episode with Marcus Bell working a case with Holmes with this shit. And then we have Joan Watson's horrible ending speech about how she doesn't "have the right" to a separate life, and how being a detective means that she commits herself to never trying to live a normal life again. Fuck that. The dramatic music over the scene seemed to ominously hint that the writers are aware that Joan's epiphany is fucked up, but it's not pleasant to watch her basically concede that Sherlock Holmes has been right all along, and that other people getting hurt is all her fault.

Bell and Gregson are detectives too, and they're allowed to have normal lives (even if Bell is a workaholic who'll take a case during his vacation days). It's never implied that Gregson and Bell aren't allowed to have romantic relationships or family problems; it's never said that they have to live in the queer eccentric lifestyle that Holmes lives in, due to all the people they've sent to prison. Why the fuck would Joan think she has to adopt that lifestyle just because she made dangerous enemies? I hate this. Fuck. If the remaining episodes of this season don't undo this shitty mess, then I'm not coming back for next season. Fuck you, Holmes, poisoning people's minds so that they're emotionally stunted, wounded, and willing to crawl back to you saying "You were right all along. I don't need an outside life. I'll never question you again, oh wise master." Fuck!