Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

What a great Christmas present! Don't Ask Don't Tell finally got repealed! I hope it gets implemented soon.

Anyway, on to more frivolous things. I got a new job and bought myself a Tivo to keep up with my TV shows when I'm working. (I didn't want to have to sign up for a cable or satellite service, and I'm satisfied with free antenna TV.) The Tivo has helped me discover some new shows as well, though its suggestions are not always perfect. I've been watching Burn Notice lately. (Not new episodes, but stuff from season 2 I think.)

Burn Notice is like what I used to love about The A-Team in the 1980s. There's an interesting job every week, often helping people who are defenceless or in trouble, and the team creatively solves the problem without involving the police. But like the A-Team always had to escape the military police who pursued them, there's an ongoing plot about Michael having to pursue the people who "burned" him, (blacklisted him from the spy agencies). I'm not sure I'm following the show's arc that well, but I'm getting into it. It's almost as engrossing as The Good Wife.


I just saw a TV commercial for something called "Medi-Share", a healthcare/insurance thingy "for Christians." What the fuck is that? I'm aware that some Christians feel the need to do business with other Christians, but what the fuck kind of company will discriminate against customers based on religion? And if that weren't enough, the spokeswoman then went into a spiel about how joining the Medi-Share will exempt customers from the costs of the new healthcare reform laws. Stupid idiots serving up right-wing politics with your medical coverage. God, it's so disgusting. I find the world very irrational and scary lately.