Friday, November 30, 2012

Last night's shows

Just when I thought my DVR troubles were done, the signal strengths on my local CBS stations switched suddenly. The weak station became the strong station and vice versa, so I had to reset my Season Passes again. Am I gonna have to keep monitoring the signal strengths week to week? Anyway, I had to watch the latest Elementary episode off of CBS's website again. Good episode, though I was horrified that Holmes broke open that poor woman's wall to find the dead body inside. Yeah, it had to be done eventually, but to do that secretly, then leave it exposed so that she might accidentally wander in without explanation, was kinda cruel!

In other news, Person of Interest is pissing me off with its pushing multiple trite romantic storylines lately. I don't fucking care about Harold/Grace flashbacks because they're shoehorned in at the expense of learning anything about Nathan's death or Harold's injuries. And they never explain why Nathan's son Will is allowed to know that Uncle Harold is alive, even though Will is the more obvious target for a bad guy trying to find the Machine. Plus, everybody's still mean to Fusco for no reason! If this show continues being so rotten, I might just drop it too.

UN recognizes Palestine

Yay for Palestine becoming an observer state. Boo to the U.S. for voting no, because it does everything Israel wants, no matter who's the President.

Whereas the US consistently vetoes all condemnations of Israel by the four other UN Security Council members, making sure that the Palestinians are always screwed over, it has no ability to stop the UN committees of the General Assembly, the UNGA itself, or the ICC from criticizing or sanctioning Israel.

Hopefully this new legal status can give Palestinians more ability to protest Israel's illegal settlements and the Gaza blockade. Now can we get to negotiating more than just a cease-fire?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Next year's TV

Well since The Good Wife is in the crapper (and I'm not watching until spoilers/press releases tell me Nick is gone) and Grimm is being very annoying about Juliette's amnesia, I've been looking into other TV news lately. I seriously don't understand how Jeff Zucker is poised to become head of CNN. Zucker is the idiot who destroyed NBC, and yet he keeps "failing up" and being promoted.

Anyway, I am waiting for midseason TV shows like The Goodwin Games, but am discouraged by the episode order being cut back. Deception (formerly Infamous) also looks interesting and somewhat reminiscent of Dirty Sexy Money.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday, in a different sense

Fuck it, so there was a clash at the Gaza border. And this is somehow NOT in violation of the cease-fire? What does the word even mean, then?

Plus, the Egyptian president has declared new unilateral powers. So nothing can ever stay good for long.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This year I am thankful that Barack Obama is still president, and that the election finally gave me some Democratic representation (although yes, my Senators are still crazy Republicans).

I am thankful for the ceasefire in Gaza (but also wish some progress could be made toward a two-state solution). Maybe Egypt can continue to help, but Israel also could use new leaders who aren't constantly sword-rattling with Iran and blockading Gaza.

I am thankful that Elementary is doing well and that Nikita will be back at its old timeslot next week where hopefully it's ratings will improve. I am unhappy with other TV shows I used to like, for various reasons, but will ignore them just now and hope for improvement.

I am happy to have the day off, but am feeling under the weather, and will be staying home today. I have to hope I don't feel as bad tomorrow because I have to work Friday. I hope everyone else who has to work Black Friday will be all right despite the craziness. Sheesh, even the constant Christmas music has already started.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The violence gets worse in Gaza every day.

This is a far more important petition than stupid secession.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stupid Secession

My only response to the Texas secessionists and the equally horrible liberals saying "Hooray" is this link. Thank god somebody on Daily Kos is saying something rational.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Good and Bad News

Well there's good news in that Nikita will move back to its previous timeslot and be paired with Arrow reruns. That should help the ratings a bit hopefully.

My Tivo recorded Elementary! Yay! So it was the weak antenna signal that was the problem all along. That's good.

Anyway, tonight had some interesting backstory on Holmes through his friend Allistair. However they name-dropped Irene at the end, and I am quite disappointed. I wish they would have backed away from the topic for longer. I could hope that they'll do Irene differently than BBC Sherlock did, but that doesn't mean it'll necessarily be any better. I've seen Irene treated as Holmes's love interest and a career criminal in many different movies; she's written as if she was Catwoman. The only thing that did proper justice to her moral goodness despite her grey actions was Jake Kasdan's Zero Effect, and that was a very loose pastiche of SCAN. Please, please don't screw her up, Rob Doherty. Please.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Great Election

I'm mostly happy with the election results. In Texas I'm still stuck with crazy Republican senators, but at least my district is now represented by Democrats in the local and national House of Representatives.

But the bigger picture is that Obama won, new Democratic senators won, and many marriage equality initiatives won.

However, any liberals who still think that red states should secede and aren't worth fighting for, can shut up. We'll be blue one of these days.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Back

Well we turned the clocks back this weekend and now we're so close to election day. It's so confusing watching the polls.

I think I might have figured out what's wrong with my DVR. My antenna's digital signal for the local CBS station is weak but there's another signal from their backup station that's much stronger. So I've reset my season pass to grab from the channel with the stronger signal now. I hope that fixes it, but I won't know until the next episode airs. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I think my Nook HD is shipping to me now, but I've gotten contradicting emails about my order lately.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Preemptions and DVR woes

Yay! Nikita's ratings improved at last, stopping the downward trend for now. Next week will be the return of Owen and Amanda, so I'll be happy. Although it's disappointing that the week after the show will be preempted for a Top Model special. I wonder what will be the lead-in after that's gone.

In other news, my Tivo screwed up again and didn't record Elementary, so I had to watch it on CBS's website. I'm glad to learn more about Joanie Watson's background. I like her nickname and might start calling her Joanie from now on.

On Tuesday, NBC preempted Go On and New Normal for their Hurricane Sandy special, so I had to buy New Normal on iTunes instead. (I can wait for Go On, though NBC still won't say when it will reschedule the episodes.) I didn't mind the telethon on Friday as much because that could actually help the victims rather than just rehash what other news has already covered. I hope that people are safe and recovering.