Thursday, November 22, 2012


This year I am thankful that Barack Obama is still president, and that the election finally gave me some Democratic representation (although yes, my Senators are still crazy Republicans).

I am thankful for the ceasefire in Gaza (but also wish some progress could be made toward a two-state solution). Maybe Egypt can continue to help, but Israel also could use new leaders who aren't constantly sword-rattling with Iran and blockading Gaza.

I am thankful that Elementary is doing well and that Nikita will be back at its old timeslot next week where hopefully it's ratings will improve. I am unhappy with other TV shows I used to like, for various reasons, but will ignore them just now and hope for improvement.

I am happy to have the day off, but am feeling under the weather, and will be staying home today. I have to hope I don't feel as bad tomorrow because I have to work Friday. I hope everyone else who has to work Black Friday will be all right despite the craziness. Sheesh, even the constant Christmas music has already started.

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