Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Next year's TV

Well since The Good Wife is in the crapper (and I'm not watching until spoilers/press releases tell me Nick is gone) and Grimm is being very annoying about Juliette's amnesia, I've been looking into other TV news lately. I seriously don't understand how Jeff Zucker is poised to become head of CNN. Zucker is the idiot who destroyed NBC, and yet he keeps "failing up" and being promoted.

Anyway, I am waiting for midseason TV shows like The Goodwin Games, but am discouraged by the episode order being cut back. Deception (formerly Infamous) also looks interesting and somewhat reminiscent of Dirty Sexy Money.

Apparently Julian Fellowes is going to make a period drama for NBC set in 1880s New York. This is similar to ABC's pilot from Shonda Rhimes called Gilded Lilys. Rhimes's show wasn't picked up, but I was somewhat interested in it, if it didn't turn into a soap opera. I don't watch Downton Abbey, but I am interested in Fellowes's Gilded Age show in New York. (The setting perfectly suits my plans for Helen Stoner in my novel.) But I still fear that the show could turn into a soap opera, and perhaps Fellowes would not make the characters as diverse as Shonda Rhimes would. We'll see how it turns out.

Speaking of lack of diversity, I am constantly seeing annoying commercials for 1600 Penn, the midseason sitcom set at the White House. It looks terrible, and the cast is all white. I mean, why not try for an Hispanic family, or interracial family, or have the woman be the president instead of first lady? Instead we get cheap jokes about bumbling white trash. The screechy commercials make me appreciate The First Family more. Though The First Family can be silly and over the top with some of its plots, it's still entertaining, and I enjoy it every week. The only problem is there are too many reruns instead of new episodes.

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