Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel attacking the flotilla

I don't understand. I just don't understand. When will this madness end? How can the Israeli government claim that the humanitarians were deliberately plotting to attack, when the violence only happened on one ship? Wouldn't true terrorists have armed all the ships of the flotilla, and with more formidable weapons than just "switchblade knives, slingshots, metal balls, and bats"? Wouldn't they have all resisted on all the ships? And by the soldiers' own account, the Turkish civilians got the guns from the soldiers themselves. So they wouldn't have got any guns if the soldiers hadn't boarded. Why didn't they stay aboard the Israeli military ship and just fucking radio to the flotilla that they had to turn back, or else be escorted to Ashdod? Storming aboard from helicopters before dawn is plenty provocative, and frightening enough to make people resist.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Private Life, part 6

Hey, it's more of my Private Life fic. This time we have some sexy romantic fluff to make up for the previous angst. I'm describing Watson and Holmes as they appeared in the movie, so that's why I speak of Watson's dark wavy hair. Holmes said that Watson called him six foot four in the stories, when in reality he is "barely six foot one." So that's what he means when he says he's shorter than expected; he is not shorter than Watson.

Also I went back and added some notes on the Russian words in
Part 1. I put in one Russian word here, in the Romanized spelling from the DVD, but the Cyrillic version is проказник. I decided to make the Upside-Down Room Case two weeks ago, because I love throwing around the word "fortnight", and I revised the earlier chapter to reflect that.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BBC Radio box set

Hey, I just realized that the movie characters Godfrey and Irene have the same first names as Godfrey Norton and Irene Adler from SCAN. Ha! Everything relates to Sherlock Holmes somehow.

Other News

In other news, today's Cinco de Mayo, and the world seems to be getting worse every day, what with the Arizona immigration law, the horrendous oil spill, and the attempted bombing in Times Square. I can't believe that Louisiana is going to suffer more. I remember seeing BP's greenwashing ads a couple years ago, claiming they were "beyond petroleum" and thinking, "Come on! Like I'm supposed to believe that an oil company sincerely wants us to move to clean energy?" They damn well better clean up this mess.

My Man Godfrey

Today I happened to catch the 1936 movie My Man Godfrey on my local TV station. It was a colorized version, and that was initially why I watched it, mesmerized by a silver-blue dress that Cornelia was wearing while she was threatening the butler. But I soon became engrossed by the plot itself and went googling the movie to try to learn about the beginning plot that I had missed.