Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Other News

In other news, today's Cinco de Mayo, and the world seems to be getting worse every day, what with the Arizona immigration law, the horrendous oil spill, and the attempted bombing in Times Square. I can't believe that Louisiana is going to suffer more. I remember seeing BP's greenwashing ads a couple years ago, claiming they were "beyond petroleum" and thinking, "Come on! Like I'm supposed to believe that an oil company sincerely wants us to move to clean energy?" They damn well better clean up this mess.

I don't understand why we can't get rid of the offshore drilling stuff in the climate and energy bill. Even Schwartzenegger changed his mind. Yet Rick Perry is all "it's an act of God." You suck, governor.

I don't know what Obama's gonna do, either. I also hear now and then bits about the administration trying to talk to Israel again, but they still won't budge about the settlements. So frustrating.

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