Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BBC Radio box set

Hey, I just realized that the movie characters Godfrey and Irene have the same first names as Godfrey Norton and Irene Adler from SCAN. Ha! Everything relates to Sherlock Holmes somehow.

Anyway, I recently bought the box set of the BBC Radio series, dramatizing the Holmes stories. I figured out that it was cheaper than me buying the audiobooks individually from iTunes, especially if I stood the risk of some audio files not playing on my iPod, like SPEC refused to do. It's very handy having an organized case with all the CDs, in paper packages rather than jewel cases.

I'll have to go through them in systematic order. I've heard some of them already (I had bought some on cassette tape before) so I'll have to see which ones I haven't heard yet, and review them.

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