Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel attacking the flotilla

I don't understand. I just don't understand. When will this madness end? How can the Israeli government claim that the humanitarians were deliberately plotting to attack, when the violence only happened on one ship? Wouldn't true terrorists have armed all the ships of the flotilla, and with more formidable weapons than just "switchblade knives, slingshots, metal balls, and bats"? Wouldn't they have all resisted on all the ships? And by the soldiers' own account, the Turkish civilians got the guns from the soldiers themselves. So they wouldn't have got any guns if the soldiers hadn't boarded. Why didn't they stay aboard the Israeli military ship and just fucking radio to the flotilla that they had to turn back, or else be escorted to Ashdod? Storming aboard from helicopters before dawn is plenty provocative, and frightening enough to make people resist.

And if Israel is so fucking innocent in this, then why shut up the survivors?
The surviving passengers were being held incommunicado by the Israelis, who detained them after escorting the six boats that had participated in the flotilla to the Israeli port city of Ashdod.

If you let the surviving passengers speak, then it becomes an equal he said/she said dispute. But if you censor them, then you make it just look like a cover-up. How can they be so fucking arrogant?

Reading the news of the attack early this morning was bad enough, but apparently you can only find info about this incident online. My local TV news tonight just showed various Memorial Day celebrations, stuff about immigration reform, and crap like that. How does this incident not make the news as a major lead story?

I hope the cable news channels covered this attack, and I just didn't see it because I don't have cable. Because if not, then our news media sucks even more than I thought it did. Ooh, nothing matters internationally if it doesn't include Americans.

Here's a quote highlighting the attack as a Turkey vs. Israel dispute:
Traditional U.S. support for Israel surfaced in the Security Council meeting, where Alejandro Wolff, the deputy permanent U.S. representative, said the relief aid bound for Gaza should have been transported through accepted international mechanisms set up because of the Israeli blockade.

"These non-provocative and non-confrontational mechanisms should be the ones used for the benefit of all those in Gaza," Wolff said. "Direct delivery by sea is neither appropriate nor responsible, and certainly not effective, under the circumstances."

Fuck you, Wolff, and fuck the Obama administration for seeking "a middle-ground response that offends neither" Turkey nor Israel. Now's not the time to just express sorrow for the deaths while not saying anything stern to Netanyahu. Obama was willing to criticize him for the continued Israeli settlements in Jerusalem, but now he can't say that this too is destructive to the peace process?

Why oh why can't the reasonable Israeli citizens vote out their fucking insane government?

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