Saturday, September 27, 2008

Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes

Whoa, I just saw this article about the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

I have not followed RDJ's career for very long, but I am aware of his reputation and I do see his talent. I have certainly enjoyed a number of his recent movies like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and Iron Man, and I feel pleased about his successes. Watching Tropic Thunder, I even felt very very shallow for noticing how smoking HOT he looked in the few scenes where he was blonde and blue-eyed. So I definitely am very excited about him playing Holmes. He would probably make a good Holmes, even if it's based on a comic book rather than on the original canon (Doyle's stories).

George Michael/Maeby consummation scene

Sorry about the delay in posting any fic, let alone anything else. I got caught up in the bizarre political dramas of the past month, as well as my own job worries about a potential layoff. I kept trying to finish a new chapter to post, but kept getting distracted easily. So I think I really need to get a laptop, because I can never seem to write at my desktop computer. Thoughts only come to me when I'm in bed, it seems.

But I did at last write something new, for my AD fic "Far From Over." I'll post this scene here, but nowhere else, since it's not a complete chapter. After this I'll try to start archiving old fics and stuff. I'll tag them with "old" or "new", "complete" or not, and categorize them by fandom and ratings too. And of course I hope to continue writing, despite my current lack of a laptop.