Thursday, April 27, 2017

Entertainment Drying Up

Meanwhile, A Quiet Passion won't come here for a month, so there's no good movie for me to see until maybe Wonder Woman in June. Might have to watch the Gertrude Bell movie on iTunes since I apparently missed it in theaters. I've already seen Born in China, and I was surprised by Dawa's story being so tragic for a family-friendly movie.

As for TV, my favorites finally came back with new episodes, and Supergirl finally addressed Kara's unemployment, which they had been ignoring for several episodes. She got rehired again at Catco, but I still don't understand why her DEO job doesn't pay. I enjoyed the Lena Luthor story, and seeing Jiya from Timeless. Still worried about what shows will be cancelled at the upfronts soon. And then there's the possible Writer's Strike to worry about too.

I've tried to read more, continuing with my Parallel Lives book. There's also another Kate Warne kids book coming out in May.

Texas elections

I early voted in my local election for city council and school board positions. There were a handful of candidates, but only one endorsed by the local Democrats, so I had to research the other people, but there was very little information about them. Only the League of Women Voters had any info on them, and even then, many candidates did not provide information. So I did the best I could, voting for one guy who seemed very informed and specific about issues.

It reminded me, though, that we still have that damn Voter ID law in place even though it's been struck down multiple times. But it keeps getting appealed higher, and we still have to live with the effects of Voter ID, bad redistricting, etc. When can we start having fair elections again?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Go Away, Bernie

Bernie Sanders needs to go away. I hate him coming to Texas and I hate his stupid Unity tour with the DNC Chair. I hate his smug, lecturing, know-it-all attitude. Fuck you, Bernie! You're not a fucking Democrat. Why should we listen to you? Why should the DNC kowtow to you? You're the reason Daily Kos continues to be a pie-fighting wasteland. And this whole thing about Mello--you've got your toady fans making excuses for you. That it was a "voluntary" ultrasound, that it was the lesser of two evils about bad abortion bills--but the guy fucking co-sponsored it. He wasn't holding his nose reluctantly forced to vote for it in an impossible situation. He fucking co-sponsored it, which is in fact an endorsement. I hate you Bernie and I hate your fucking lying rabid Berniacs! Fucking hypocrites talking about how it's okay to disagree on one thing, big tent party--when you're the fucking ones who claimed Hillary was a corporate shill who didn't match your purity standards. Fuck you all!

If you're not lecturing Trump, then shut the hell up, Bernie. You don't get to dictate to us who we should vote for. You're not our leader. Fuck you!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Devil's Dance

The s(her)lock web series posted another episode on youtube, this one based on "The Adventure of the Devil's Foot." It features great character interactions as Mr. Hudson and Watson take Holmes away for a detox, in the wake of an intervention for her drug use. The mystery has appropriately creepy effects for the poison drug, and I love the update on the Leon Sterndale character. Holmes also gets into a religious debate with Roundhay, the local priest. They're so creative with these adaptations of the canon. I hope all episodes will be available eventually.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


I finally saw the Zookeeper's Wife last night. It's sad that I'd rather watch a movie about WWII than the current news about possible war in Syria. Unfortunately there was a preview for An Inconvenient Sequel, and it featured two clips of Trump, so I couldn't escape from him after all. It dredged up more dread and anxiety about the future. Worse yet, someone in the audience laughed after the trailer, like they too thought climate change was a fucking hoax. I hate living in a red state and feeling so helpless. Trump being in Mar-a-lago yet again during this crisis makes it even more of a farce.

Monday, April 3, 2017

April Showers

Thunderstorms woke me up early this morning and the sky remained gloomy all day. I actually saw a mockingbird perched on the top of my tree, though, so hopefully that's a good sign for spring.

Apparently I missed an April Fool's prank where Will Arnett narrated an office, but it's already gone. That's what I get for not checking Netflix for more often. I'm still craving more Arrested Development, but there's been no news on that front either.

I wanted to see The Zookeeper's Wife, but it's still in limited release and I wasn't up to driving half an hour to the nearest theater. A lot of movies I want to see are specialty films like that; they only open in New York and LA first, then you have no idea when it will expand to nationwide. So frustrating! I want to see the Gertrude Bell one and the one about Emily Dickinson. I hope the biopics won't be romanticized too much, focused on love interests. I recently watched the Pancho Barnes movie starring Valerie Bertinelli, and they fictionalized it too much, focusing on some love triangle with two other pilots. The PBS documentary on Pancho Barnes was more interesting.

Oh I also heard that Constance Wu will star in a romantic comedy called Crazy Rich Asians. I hope it will be great and get her other lead parts. I'm still upset that she hasn't gotten an Emmy nomination yet for Fresh Off the Boat. When will "diversity" include Asians too?