Thursday, April 27, 2017

Entertainment Drying Up

Meanwhile, A Quiet Passion won't come here for a month, so there's no good movie for me to see until maybe Wonder Woman in June. Might have to watch the Gertrude Bell movie on iTunes since I apparently missed it in theaters. I've already seen Born in China, and I was surprised by Dawa's story being so tragic for a family-friendly movie.

As for TV, my favorites finally came back with new episodes, and Supergirl finally addressed Kara's unemployment, which they had been ignoring for several episodes. She got rehired again at Catco, but I still don't understand why her DEO job doesn't pay. I enjoyed the Lena Luthor story, and seeing Jiya from Timeless. Still worried about what shows will be cancelled at the upfronts soon. And then there's the possible Writer's Strike to worry about too.

I've tried to read more, continuing with my Parallel Lives book. There's also another Kate Warne kids book coming out in May.

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