About Me

I'm a slash fanfic writer and a liberal Democrat in my 30s. I like science as well as artsy stuff. I'm also interested in things like religion and history.

If you want to learn more, check out my profile page.

Or else, you may want to read about my other online aliases.

Some of my fanfic is posted here on the blog, under various ratings and warnings. Some day I'll try to go through and organize them better, but you can use the labels to find a particular fandom like Arrested Development.

The vast majority of my fanfic is about Sherlock Holmes, though, and almost every time I slash him with Watson. This of course remains unpopular with traditional Sherlockians. Sometimes I go on Sherlockian rants here or review Sherlockian books and other media, so I make use of the four-letter abbreviations often. Check them out if you need to understand what I'm saying.

I also occasionally post parts of my novel in progress here. The best place to start on DIM is from the Outline, which arranges everything in chronological order and summarizes some major plot points. I will continually update the outline with new links to chapters or sketched-out scenes.