Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sudden Chill

Well, fall temperatures abruptly arrived yesterday, after I feared we would never be rid of summer highs. I hope it will rain more now, but not get cold enough for sleet or ice yet.

In stores, I was able to find the Lego banana suit minifigure finally, as well as an ice queen to hang out with Maleficient. I also got a couple of mariachi guys, but I don't mind that duplication. Maybe I'll get enough to have a big mariachi band.

I can't wait for my vacation days in October, because I'm so worn out from work and need to recuperate at home for a while. I even bought tickets to a play called Bella about Buffalo soldiers and such in the Wild West, so that will be fun. When I have time, I want to try writing again and do some more home improvement, like putting up shelves.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Playing Around

I've refreshed the design of the Blog since my last background image disappeared, and I finally have a working graphics program that can save transparent PNG images for my header. Might tweak it a bit more later.

I'm on a Lego kick lately, buying new minifigures and trying to figure out the dot codes on the bags. I managed to get a Disney Maleficent last month, but now they have new minifigs and I can't find the banana suit guy yet. At least I found an affordable Lego set with Black Widow on an awesome motorcycle, along with Falcon with wings. The only thing I don't like is that Black Widow's hair looks more tan brown than red. I'm debating whether to try painting it red or coloring it with a marker.

50 State strategy

Yay! This week there's a poll out showing that Texas is a "toss-up" state in presidential election, and the Dallas Morning News endorsed Hillary today. Of course there are skeptics that say the poll is an outlier, and we'll need further confirmation. But I'm glad for any shred of hope, like the ruling striking down the voter ID law. There's going to be some "temporary" changes for this election, but I hope the Supreme Court gives a final ruling, or at least has a tie-vote, so the law can be shut down for good.

I'm pleased that Hillary is excited about possibilities in Texas and other states, and that she really seems committed to a 50-state strategy will all her fundraising for down-ballot races. We need help building more Democrats in Texas. Last month I attended a local Democratic fundraiser for women, and it cheered me up about how many blue voters there are. (There were many men too, including Marc Veasey who brought the lawsuit against the voter ID law, which I'm very grateful for.) Working together, someday we'll get this place purple, then blue.