Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sudden Chill

Well, fall temperatures abruptly arrived yesterday, after I feared we would never be rid of summer highs. I hope it will rain more now, but not get cold enough for sleet or ice yet.

In stores, I was able to find the Lego banana suit minifigure finally, as well as an ice queen to hang out with Maleficient. I also got a couple of mariachi guys, but I don't mind that duplication. Maybe I'll get enough to have a big mariachi band.

I can't wait for my vacation days in October, because I'm so worn out from work and need to recuperate at home for a while. I even bought tickets to a play called Bella about Buffalo soldiers and such in the Wild West, so that will be fun. When I have time, I want to try writing again and do some more home improvement, like putting up shelves.

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