Friday, September 28, 2012

Elementary Premiere

My thoughts on the first Elementary episode. I might have more to say after I've slept on it. Spoilers below:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Nooks

Wow, I didn't see any advance warning about a Barnes & Noble press conference for its new tablets and ereaders. There was just the announcement about their video service/shop, then suddenly voila!

I think I will order the 7-inch Nook HD, in smoke gray. That one looks nicer than the white in close up photos and certainly not as ugly as the new hole/grommet in the Nook HD+. Besides appearances, I like the features and that the size is not that much different from my current Nook. It has expandable memory, which probably isn't needed for books but might be for video content. I also like that I can browse catalogs, and then "scrapbook" pages I'm interested in. Then I can stop receiving catalogs by mail.

Apparently the new Nooks won't be out until November 1st, so I have time to save up some money. I need to see the accessories/cases in person at the stores to judge which ones are too bulky or not.

Damn it!

After spending too many hours during the weekend doing chat support, diagnostic tests, and phone support on my Tivo, I gave up and ordered a replacement DVR. I asked the tech if I would need to re-enter all my season passes, and he assured me that no, that info would be saved on the Tivo website and I could download it to the new DVR. However, when I got the new DVR and tried to set it up, there were no season passes on it. I checked the Tivo website and signed into my account, but found that my old DVR information had been deleted, so no, I can't download a damn thing. I have to set everything up again. Arrgh!

Well, I guess I should just be happy the replacement box arrived so soon. I missed a couple of shows this week, but I'll catch up online.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The First Family

Unfortunately, my Tivo went on the fritz last night and still has not recovered. I'm currently running a long diagnostic test on the Tivo (and the hard drive expander), but it lasts for hours! (Still going, in fact.) I really need my Tivo to recover before next week when all the new shows arrive. I'll miss everything unless I try to break out an old VCR and find some blank tapes.

Luckily, I do have a TV not connected to the Tivo, so I was able to watch The First Family today when the first two episodes aired. It's not like a Tyler Perry sitcom but more like the old fashioned sitcoms on UPN or The WB. It doesn't hurt that the cast includes Jackée, Marla Gibbs, and Gladys Knight.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Less than a week to go until the premiere of Elementary! Here's a good review in the Hollywood Reporter. It confirms my impression that Joan Watson will definitely be a co-lead, not a mere sidekick.

I've heard that the Emmys are this Sunday, but I don't care about those anymore. Award shows are so boring and so long.

I'll probably catch up on my TiVo recordings and such. On Saturday the syndicated sitcom The First Family will debut in my area. I had a hard time finding it, since it wasn't advertised on my local TV station's website, but I found it in my TiVo guide. I hope it's funny.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Shows

I watched the premiere of Revolution, and it was okay for a post-apocalyptic show, but nothing really special. I only recently got interested in it because I read that Kim Raver would have a recurring part, and I have liked her since The Nine. I think I might check back with the show later when Kim Raver is on, but for now I don't much care about the premise.

On the comedy side, I'm watching Go On and The New Normal. Matthew Perry's character is way too smarmy sometimes, but I like many of the ensemble cast members like John Cho and Tyler James Williams, so I'm sticking around for them. But the show certainly needs to improve. Alan Sepinwall didn't like The New Normal, but I do so far. The gay couple are so sweet together and affectionate, in a way that's refreshing for network TV. Plus the surrogate mother Goldie and her daughter Shania are delightful. I was surprised by how they avoided a convenient ending when Goldie decided not to move into the guest house because it was important for her to be an independent woman so that Shania would learn from her example. I don't mind Ellen Barkin's outrageous character that much, and I'm glad that they showed in the 3rd episode that other people are homophobic in other, less in-your-face ways. This show is definitely growing on me, and even Sepinwall reconsidered a bit after seeing the 2nd episode.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Need Nook News

This week both Kobo and Amazon released new e-readers and tablets. I hope Barnes & Noble announces its new products soon. Surely they won't wait until after Apple has announced whatever in October?

My first Nook still works fine, but I am getting annoyed that it's not color and the contrast between text and background is too low. I was hoping and waiting for a color e-ink or Mirasol, but I guess they won't come out, and I'll have to upgrade to whatever "incredible display" Barnes & Noble claim to have in the works.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moffat Misogyny

In a spoilery review of the latest Doctor Who episode, S. E. Smith discusses Steven Moffat's "lady issues" in Who, and also mentions Irene Adler at the end. The other women on Sherlock are pretty bad too, though that can also be blamed on Gatiss and possibly the other writer. The non-psychopathic women are incompetent, unable to rescue themselves, have flat personalities, and are so interchangeable/invisible that John mistakes Irene's assistant for Anthea, and both Holmes brothers mistake dead bodies for Irene. How fucking depressing.

You know what, I blame Moffat's wife too for not telling him to rein in his misogyny and sexism. Or what he calls a "fetish for powerful, sexy women who like cheating people." But he takes their power away until they're on their knees begging like any other damsel in distress. Keep that to yourself, Moffat, and not on TV shows.

Anti-Elementary Bias

Apparently the Elementary pilot has been leaked online. I don't have a link, for I can't find it myself, so I suspect it's on torrents. I'm tempted, but it's going to premiere on September 27th anyway, so I might as well be patient. The reviews of the episode from people who've seen it have been mostly positive, consistent with the response at Comic Con and the buzz even before CBS picked it up.

But still there's bias from some Sherlock fans. They are apparently so die hard that they weave conspiracy theories about how Rob Doherty was actually hired to rewrite Josh Friedman's script from 2000. Other than the same title and modern setting, Doherty's version shares nothing with Friedman's. Friedman's Elementary is set in San Francisco, has a male Watson, tries to adapt Musgrave Ritual, employs a really clumsy framing device of Watson telling a case in flashback to a cop and a lawyer who really should not be in the least interested, and ends on a Moriarty cliffhanger. Nothing matches Doherty, and when I ask for a source, people don't give one.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Private Life, part 10

After reading about PLoSH again recently, I've written a new chapter on my Private Life fic aka "A Love Story Between Two Men". If you've forgotten, here's the first chapter, and each part links to the next. Other chapters and discussion of the movie are also tagged Private Life.

Chapter 9 left off with Holmes and Watson in their Paris hotel, on their honeymoon. This chapter finally moves out of France. Here's the honeymoon map again.