Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Shows

I watched the premiere of Revolution, and it was okay for a post-apocalyptic show, but nothing really special. I only recently got interested in it because I read that Kim Raver would have a recurring part, and I have liked her since The Nine. I think I might check back with the show later when Kim Raver is on, but for now I don't much care about the premise.

On the comedy side, I'm watching Go On and The New Normal. Matthew Perry's character is way too smarmy sometimes, but I like many of the ensemble cast members like John Cho and Tyler James Williams, so I'm sticking around for them. But the show certainly needs to improve. Alan Sepinwall didn't like The New Normal, but I do so far. The gay couple are so sweet together and affectionate, in a way that's refreshing for network TV. Plus the surrogate mother Goldie and her daughter Shania are delightful. I was surprised by how they avoided a convenient ending when Goldie decided not to move into the guest house because it was important for her to be an independent woman so that Shania would learn from her example. I don't mind Ellen Barkin's outrageous character that much, and I'm glad that they showed in the 3rd episode that other people are homophobic in other, less in-your-face ways. This show is definitely growing on me, and even Sepinwall reconsidered a bit after seeing the 2nd episode.

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