Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Damn it!

After spending too many hours during the weekend doing chat support, diagnostic tests, and phone support on my Tivo, I gave up and ordered a replacement DVR. I asked the tech if I would need to re-enter all my season passes, and he assured me that no, that info would be saved on the Tivo website and I could download it to the new DVR. However, when I got the new DVR and tried to set it up, there were no season passes on it. I checked the Tivo website and signed into my account, but found that my old DVR information had been deleted, so no, I can't download a damn thing. I have to set everything up again. Arrgh!

Well, I guess I should just be happy the replacement box arrived so soon. I missed a couple of shows this week, but I'll catch up online.

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