Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Nooks

Wow, I didn't see any advance warning about a Barnes & Noble press conference for its new tablets and ereaders. There was just the announcement about their video service/shop, then suddenly voila!

I think I will order the 7-inch Nook HD, in smoke gray. That one looks nicer than the white in close up photos and certainly not as ugly as the new hole/grommet in the Nook HD+. Besides appearances, I like the features and that the size is not that much different from my current Nook. It has expandable memory, which probably isn't needed for books but might be for video content. I also like that I can browse catalogs, and then "scrapbook" pages I'm interested in. Then I can stop receiving catalogs by mail.

Apparently the new Nooks won't be out until November 1st, so I have time to save up some money. I need to see the accessories/cases in person at the stores to judge which ones are too bulky or not.

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