Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moffat Misogyny

In a spoilery review of the latest Doctor Who episode, S. E. Smith discusses Steven Moffat's "lady issues" in Who, and also mentions Irene Adler at the end. The other women on Sherlock are pretty bad too, though that can also be blamed on Gatiss and possibly the other writer. The non-psychopathic women are incompetent, unable to rescue themselves, have flat personalities, and are so interchangeable/invisible that John mistakes Irene's assistant for Anthea, and both Holmes brothers mistake dead bodies for Irene. How fucking depressing.

You know what, I blame Moffat's wife too for not telling him to rein in his misogyny and sexism. Or what he calls a "fetish for powerful, sexy women who like cheating people." But he takes their power away until they're on their knees begging like any other damsel in distress. Keep that to yourself, Moffat, and not on TV shows.

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