Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arrested Timeline

That AD timeline that I spoke of earlier is finished. I edited and posted it on AO3.

I mean, sure I could be wrong about some of the facts, but it would be a lot easier if the AD writers had indicated specific dates for some events. They used to provide years with lots of flashbacks, and I think if they had indicated years in the script, they could have spotted problems like the drone strike, Tobias's three weeks, and the kids skipping a year. Hopefully the next season and/or movie will be simpler and make more sense if it's all forward motion with no jumping around in time.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dear America

I recently discovered this television show based on the Scholastic book series for students. Apparently the books were historical fiction about young girls living in important time periods. My DVR recorded an episode about an Irish immigrant named Mary Driscoll who works in a mill and struggles with prejudice against Irish in 1847. I liked it, and thought the heroine was interesting without being too anachronistic. I decided to season pass Dear America and see what other stories they cover. I think the show is also available on Netflix too, so I'll have to look into what episodes I've missed. It gives me something to watch, because I'm not watching the Olympics at all. I just don't care about sports, and then there's the whole Sochi controversy too.

Among current network shows, I'm really loving Brooklyn Nine-Nine more and more. It's a good ensemble sitcom, and Andy Samberg isn't so annoying and predominant as I thought he would be. Terry Crews shines as always, and I love the gay police captain. It feels sort of like Better Off Ted or Arrested Development, only there's not a "normal" guy to be a straight man. I wish that Brooklyn Nine-Nine's ratings were better, but at least they're getting good promotion lately. I hope that means that Fox will renew it.

I heard that the Michael J. Fox show was cancelled, but then Vulture said it wasn't, so I don't know what to believe. It's a funny, sweet show. I wish Almost Human was doing better too, and John Larroquette was amazing in his guest appearance as Dorian's creator. He was the highlight on Deception too.