Friday, May 30, 2014

A Glimmer of Hope

It's already the end of May and I haven't been posting often. I meant to comment on seeing the movie Belle, but as Scandalous Women already reviewed it, that's less work for me. I really enjoyed it, and the movie expanded to new theaters in my area, so I hope it will reach a wider audience.

On Tuesday, the primary runoff elections happened in Texas, though I early voted before then. I was glad that all Democratic races I cared about went the way I wanted, and didn't focus on the Republican races, which I have no control over. It also worries me that Open Carry gun advocates might show up at any random restaurant that I'm dining at. It's unnerving, and I hope they really have decided to stop doing it. Politics is so crazy. I've stopped paying attention to deadly shootings or reading shooter's "manifestos". There's no point in armchair psychoanalyzing them, and it creates a distraction from the fact that we should be enacting better gun laws. Joe the Plumber can go to hell for all I care (and I'm not even Christian).

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Seriously, Vote

In more important news, I voted early in the local election, and I voted against a wacko candidate who mailed out an anti-tax rant to voters. Cities need taxes, and schools need funding. I don't have kids myself, but I know that. You vote for what's best for the community, even if it inconveniences you personally. I wish the Texas voter ID stuff would get struck down. It makes me worry about the midterm elections in November.

Beyond Texas, I was sad to hear of the recent train derailment in Virginia, because I know that part of the state. The company can downplay the oil spill all it wants to, but we aren't going to know the effects on the James River for a long time. It's crazy for them to act like this is routine and they've got it under control. Will anybody in the state, or in Washington, D.C. realize they've got to do something about environmental safety and regulation? Or will they just continue to bicker and worry about their campaigns?

Happy Cinco de Cuatro

Yes, I know that's mangled, incorrect Spanish. Cinco de Cuatro is a holiday in Arrested Development, started by Lucille Bluth in a fit of spiteful racism against Cinco de Mayo. Immigrants started to embrace the holiday in order to sell more party stuff, and it lasted for 30 years in their peculiar part of Orange County. You'll have to see season 4 to find out how the "blowback" happens against the holiday. I'm just wearing my new AD shirt today and trying once again to write more on my Far From Over fanfic.

I was sad to hear that Almost Human got cancelled, though it's been on the bubble a long time. The TV upfronts ought to be soon, announcing more cancellations and new shows. I'm pulling for the Mission Control comedy pilot that features actors from Better Off Ted. I need my reunion of Lem and Phil!

All the movies I want to see right now, such as Belle, aren't coming out here until later in May, so I have to be patient. It would help if more movie websites and theatres would list their showings more than a few days in advance. They make it a chore to find out where and when specialty films are coming.