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Private Life, part 9

Holmes and Watson are still in Paris, but I hope in the next chapter to move them quickly to Geneva and into Italy next. Holmes wants to experiment more with sex now. Also, recall that in part 6, Watson thought that maybe Holmes really didn't want to be on bottom.

A Love Story Between Two Men, part 9

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Story: movie-verse, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Warnings: slash, rated NC-17

The next day, they lay in bed until late in the morning, basking in the joy of waking up in the same bed. Holmes nuzzled the stubble on Watson's face. "Morning, love."

Watson smiled and looked into his eyes fondly. "Good morning, Sherlock."

"The best morning I have ever had."

"Oh Holmes." He was still amazed by how romantic and affectionate Holmes could be. He said, "For me, too," and reached for Holmes's ring again. Watson kissed it, and then his lovely fingers and hand.

Holmes looked touched, and with his right hand, he caressed Watson's rough face again. "You need a shave," he suggested. "And then perhaps we can try out that spacious bathtub together."

"Mmm, a good idea."

So they tossed aside the covers and got out of bed. Watson stretched his shoulder wound a bit, then turned back to see Holmes naked in the full morning light. It was an arresting sight. Standing there with his brown hair awry and his skin marked with love bites--and other traces of their lovemaking.

Holmes read his spouse's intent gaze and smiled shamelessly. "Do I indeed look fetching in nothing?"

Watson nodded, and his voice was husky. "You look..."

"Ravished," Holmes finished for him. "Debauched." He hoped to entice Watson again by stepping nearer, but found that he was not quite able to walk normally.

"Oh Holmes, are you all right?"

"Yes," he replied, merely embarrassed about his lack of gracefulness. "I'm only a little sore, as I should be."

"Was I too rough?" He feared that Holmes might have held back any complaints due to guilt about hiding the cocaine.

"No, not at all. You were quite perfect, Watson. Quite tender."

"You're not just saying--"

"I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I demand more such ravishing from you in future." He pulled Watson close for a kiss. "Especially on our honeymoon."

Watson nodded and embraced him. "Well, as long as you are fine..." He kissed him and continued, "But perhaps not buggery again so soon. To give you a chance to recover."

Holmes was amused by the idea that he might be fragile like a woman, but he shrugged it off. "Then we'll just have a bath? A hot bath." He said wickedly, "Yes, perhaps a good, thorough wash is in order."

Watson grinned and led Holmes to the luxurious bathroom. They took turns at the sink first, and Watson found the running water very nice while he washed up and brushed his teeth. However, when Holmes experimented with the flushing toilet nearby, Watson found that the water from the faucet went cold, and he told Holmes so.

"Really? Well, we shall have to learn the ways of this plumbing business once we get these conveniences installed at Baker Street."

Watson nodded and began to lather up for a shave. "Ours probably won't be as grand as here, I think."

"Yes, we do not have unlimited space or money. Nevertheless, it shall be an improvement." Holmes went to the large bathtub to fill it. He made sure to bend over enticingly as he pushed the stopper into the drain.

Watson glanced at him by way of the mirror, but quickly angled the mirror away. He was trying not to bugger Holmes senseless just now, much less cut himself shaving.

While the tub slowly filled, Holmes tested the water temperature, then shook in some of the bath salts provided by the hotel. He mixed them up, and in a way it was like a sweet-smelling chemical experiment.

Watson finished shaving and then splashed on some aftershave before drying himself.

Holmes smiled as he approached, and touched Watson's now smooth cheek. "Handsome as ever, John."

Watson pulled him down for an urgent kiss. "Shut up and get in the tub."

Holmes raised an eyebrow. "Shouldn't I go shave--?"

"No." He practically lifted Holmes by the hips.

"Very well." Holmes cooperated with a smile and climbed in. Watson dropped his dressing-gown on the floor and quickly followed him, never minding how much water he splashed out. They shared wet kisses and hungry embraces in the tub, while trying not to knock their knees about. Holmes enjoyed Watson's impatience, especially since he hadn't bothered to trim and comb his moustache yet.

They tangled their limbs and began to stroke each other frantically underneath the water line. Soapy bubbles obscured their view, but it didn't matter since they were starting to know each other well by touch. Soon Holmes turned Watson around to get a firmer hold on him, and rather skilfully brought him off.

Watson cried out, "Holmes!" and it echoed deliciously in the room.

Holmes grinned at knowing that the water was now slightly less clean. "That's what you wanted?"

Watson sighed breathlessly and leaned back with his eyes closed. "Mmm, yes."

He felt Holmes raise their hands just to check that their rings hadn't slipped off their fingers, and it brought Watson out of his satisfied daze. He reached for Holmes's erection apologetically. "And now for you."

Holmes smiled but gently stopped him. "John, perhaps we could try another method instead? If you don't mind, I'd like some buggery after all."

"Holmes, I cannot possibly--!"

"No," Holmes told him with a smirk. "The other way, of course."

Watson was confused. "Other way?"

Holmes nodded and slid up close behind him, nuzzling his wounded shoulder. "Yes, if you're so concerned about my being sore, then perhaps I can have my turn with you?" He gently, but possessively pat Watson's bum.

Watson jerked away, and his eyes went wide. "Y-you mean--?"

Holmes blinked in surprise. "What's wrong?"

Watson still stammered, "But I-I thought you wanted me to--" He blushed. "I mean, you demanded that I ravish you."

"I demand every kind of sex," Holmes clarified. He added quickly, "That is, I don't demand anything that you don't want to do." He frowned. "It's just... I desire you in all ways, my dear. I crave all of you."

"Oh, um." Watson remembered Holmes's words back in Baker Street, and he understood now. "I-I hadn't realised..."

"I'm sorry." Holmes touched his face soothingly. "It's all right, John. Don't be afraid. You know I wouldn't hurt you. I would be as gentle with you as you were with me. That is why I wanted you to instruct me first in the method."

"I see." He swallowed and glanced away.

"It would not make you less of a man, either. Do you think that I was less masculine in that position?"

"No," he said. "Well, I mean, I thought it was odd..." He shrugged and tried to speak calmly. "Actually I should have known that you would want to, um, to switch. Usually you are always so... dominating."

Holmes raised an eyebrow to wonder why his imperious and sometimes unkind behaviour when he was frustrated by unrequited love should have any bearing on how he would treat Watson now that they were lovers.

Watson still looked nervous, so Holmes said, "We don't have to do it. I won't bugger you if you don't want me to."

Watson was relieved and touched "Thank you."

"Of course, dear." He kissed him and shrugged. "After all we still have our hands, and we can try to get better at fellatio again. And of course I enjoy you taking me as well."

Watson asked cautiously, "You do enjoy it, don't you?"

"Yes, dear, I was not lying, nor acting. Don't think I would deceive you that way."

"No, no, I believe you. I'm just thinking that--well, if it's so pleasurable for you, then perhaps it would not be so bad if I tried it too. Maybe I could enjoy it just as much. After all, I have a prostate too."

Holmes smiled and kissed him gratefully. "You really do want to try?"

"Yes, I-I trust you. I'm sorry for reacting badly. I'm just new to sodomy. I mean, I know you were a virgin, but I'm new to even the idea of wanting it."

Holmes nodded with understanding, but then he smirked. "Yes, you and your three continents of women. I shall do my best to make you forget all those women."

Watson smiled teasingly. "Try it."

Holmes kissed him and leaned him back against the tub. "I shall."

Watson opened his legs, while Holmes shifted to kneel in between. He used soap as lubrication and began to gently massage his entrance. He could go slow because he was only half hard now.

Watson felt embarrassed, but he did adore Holmes's lovely, skilled fingers.

Soon Holmes progressed to tentatively nudging inside.

"Oh." Watson involuntarily shifted and tensed.

"It's all right." Holmes paused and kissed him reassuringly. Meanwhile, his other hand rubbed Watson's arm to relax him. "My brave soldier. My doctor."

"My husband." Watson realised how much they belonged together, how Mrs. Hudson was right. They had been married emotionally for a long time already, and this was merely their physical consummation.

Holmes watched his face and murmured, "Yes. Yes, my love." They kissed passionately.

Watson opened his eyes again and exhaled.

Holmes withdrew his fingertip for a moment to slick it before trying again. He was able to get a little deeper now. "There."

Watson braved it but still felt uncomfortable at the intrusion.

"Only let me find your gland, John."

Watson nodded and tried to be patient. Holmes stretched him softly and lovingly until he did find Watson's prostate. He moaned, and Holmes experimented with eliciting other reactions from him. "Ah, you do like it," he observed.

Watson trembled helplessly. "Oh God."

Holmes smiled proudly at the blasphemy. He kept toying with Watson a while longer and tried to add more fingers. However Watson was feeling more nervous now, and Holmes decided to stop. After all, Watson had stopped with him in Baker Street, and the bathtub might not be as comfortable a place as the bed.

"Another time, then," he said, withdrawing his fingers.

Watson kissed him gratefully and reached for Holmes's erection again. So the water became more filthy before they finally relaxed and decided to clean up.

After they got out of the bath and began drying themselves, Holmes remarked that he had quite an appetite for breakfast now. "Or lunch as the case may be."

"Good. Then I can fatten you up."

Watson put on his dressing-gown, while Holmes put on a night-shirt and slippers. He sat at the table which still contained the remains of their supper.

"Don't we look scandalous?" he asked, as he endeavoured to hide his bare legs with the skirts of the tablecloth. "We should be glad of the lenience of Continental morals."

Watson grinned, then decided that he should in fact put on some trousers, even if he did feel like lounging indecently.

They rang for service, and Holmes began to smoke his pipe. The servants arrived to retrieve their trays from last night, as well as take their current order for lunch. Watson made sure to not call Holmes by his own name, to preserve their aliases, but he was glad when they were alone again.

Holmes said, "Perhaps after our meal we shall fully dress and go for a walk outside, to allow the servants the chance to make our bed."

"Yes, that would be splendid, before the ballet tonight. We can walk by the river."

"Certainly. And perhaps the queer district as well, to further our education. There's bound to be a bookshop or two with all kinds of pornography there."

"Oh Holmes, do you really think we can learn it just from books?"

"Well, if you prefer a more direct route of learning, then we could go hire a prostitute to demonstrate such acts to us."

"Holmes!" he blushed.

"Not that I am in any rush to see another man touch you, my dear. I would be quite jealous. I would prefer that we could purchase a session of voyeurism on a willing couple instead."

Watson blushed even more in shock.

"If you would prefer to close your eyes, then I will take notes for both of us."


"We must take advantage of the laws on the Continent, John. I shall not tolerate being a clumsy lover to you for long. It is our marital duty to become fully versed in debauchery on our honeymoon."

Watson recognised that imperious, dominating tone of Holmes, and it actually made him feel better. It was familiar and safe somehow. Still he said, "But let us start with the books first."

"As you wish, my dear." He kissed Watson sweetly and then changed the subject to French architecture instead, so that Watson felt more at ease once their meal arrived.

So later, they both fully dressed and went walking through Paris together. Watson loved going arm in arm with Holmes, and he glanced at other men in the street, wondering if they too were couples. Some were quite colourfully dressed, or spoke flamboyantly, so it was easier to conclude that they were indeed queer.

Holmes in fact caught some men leering or winking at Watson, and he scowled jealously. Then he asked with worry, "John, you do promise to be faithful to me too? You did not recite vows--"

"Of course I will be faithful." Watson took his hand and squeezed the ring on his finger. He met Holmes's eyes and whispered a solemn vow, "I forsake all others for you."

Holmes smiled in relief, then apologised for his doubt. "It's just, your history with women, and your being new to sodomy..."

"No man could tempt me but you."

"But you are tempting to other men. You are desired by men and women alike. And sometimes I am not easy to live with. I fear that some men, like Rogozhin, may seek to tempt you into revenge at least."

"They would fail. You could indeed be better behaved, my dear, but I can live with your faults--except one habit." He brushed Holmes's left arm significantly.

Holmes nodded.

They soon came to a bookshop, and Holmes found the section of lewd books. He handed one to Watson, who gasped but got lost in reading an erotic passage.

Meanwhile Holmes discreetly inquired with the owner if he knew of any place that sold certain toys or devices. He was quite shameless in his search for helpful information. The bookseller pointed Holmes down the street, so Holmes slipped outside.

As he searched for the shop in question, he noticed a corner chemist's and decided to go inside. Inspired by the bath salts, Holmes wanted to buy some sweet-smelling massage oil that could soothe Watson's shoulder as well as serve other, filthy purposes. But while he was browsing the oils, he noticed some bottles of cocaine solution. They were seven percent solution too, not watered down by Watson at all. And there were syringes and needles for sale. He could even buy a new case for the syringe.

Holmes suddenly shook himself in horror, and he turned away, hurtling out of the shop. He had come so close to breaking his wedding vow, and he couldn't stand the loss of his self-control. He hoped desperately that Watson would feel no such temptation either.

Watson! He had to get back to him. In a panic, Holmes returned to the bookshop.

Watson was just coming out with his purchases and heading in the direction that the bookseller pointed him. He nearly called out Holmes's name, so distressed did he look.

"H--What's wrong? You look as if you've seen a ghost."

Holmes swallowed and clung to Watson's arm. He was still trying to compose himself, and he also kept glancing to see if any other man was ogling Watson again.

Watson guessed, "Did you see something disturbing at the other shop?" He hoped this would teach Holmes a lesson about being too curious about sex, especially deviant sex.

Holmes confessed, "I-I went into the chemist's." He pointed it out.

"You what?" Watson's face fell in disappointment and fear.

Holmes explained. "I meant to get some massage oils only, but then, then I saw--"

"Holmes, did you--?"

"No I didn't buy anything, but I-I wanted to. I craved--" He could not believe it. "Oh God, let's get out of here."

He hurried to hail a cab, and ordered the driver to take them to the hotel.

Once they got in, he invited Watson to search his pockets. Watson hesitated, then put his parcel of books down and did so.

Holmes was indeed clean, though he was shaking. Watson wondered if Holmes was having some withdrawal symptoms again, like a fortnight ago when he gave up cocaine. So Watson rubbed Holmes's arms soothingly as the carriage rattled on, but he wished he'd brought some medical supplies with him. Perhaps once they got to the hotel, Watson could send some servants to get some painkillers from another shop.

Holmes put his head on Watson's shoulder and murmured, "I'm so sorry. I-I had not believed you before, about being addicted. I thought my craving was only dependent on my being denied your love." He frowned in misery. "But it seems you were right after all."

Watson raised an eyebrow, then said, "I can be, sometimes."

"Yes. I'm sorry I doubted you." He clung to Watson and said, "Forgive me."

Watson caressed Holmes's hair and stared at him in wonder. Holmes actually kept his promise and came to him about the craving. He whispered reassuringly, "It's all right. I'm just glad you told me. That's all you need to do. Be honest."

Holmes protested, "I should not have been so weak."

"Some weakness is to be expected. After all, you only quit taking cocaine a fortnight ago, and you haven't had a new case since August."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

So they returned to the hotel that afternoon, and brought the parcel of books with them. The bed had been made already, and they lay in it, but not for sex again. Watson held Holmes comfortingly and soothed him with kisses.

They had plans to attend a ballet that night at the opera house, but Holmes wanted to cancel because he felt too anxious to go out. Watson said that maybe some music would make a good distraction from his craving.

They argued over it until dinner time. After they dined, Holmes felt a little better, so he agreed to go out. They dressed in their tuxedos, then went to the Opera House. It was not Swan Lake, but another ballet, and Holmes could not really concentrate on the plot of it, so he occupied himself glancing around to see who might be ogling Watson.

Watson would sometimes lean close and share the opera glasses with him, though, and Holmes was grateful for the contact. He was glad for the darkness, and their entwined hands, and the fact that Watson had made a vow of fidelity to him. After all these years, he was lucky enough to have the most wonderful and kind husband in the world. This was their honeymoon, and Watson was being so patient and forgiving of his flaws. Holmes felt emotional more from this realisation than from any melodramatic plot on the stage.

At last they returned to the hotel that night, and Watson remarked that he had trouble concentrating on the ballet as well, but that he was grateful to be with Holmes to take care of him. Holmes kissed him lovingly.

They undressed for bed, Holmes putting on the night-shirt again, while Watson put on some pyjamas. They washed up, then retired to bed. However, Holmes was still restless and needed distraction, so Watson suggested reading the books he'd purchased at the shop. The books were indeed quite arousing, and one even had a passage about intercrural sex, which interested them both.

Holmes asked, "May I?" and Watson nodded, glad that the books were actually helpful after all. This way Holmes could have him, even if Watson wasn't ready for buggery yet.

So they dropped the book, and began to undress. By the candlelight, it seemed more sensual and hypnotic.

Then Watson lay against the pillows and stared at Holmes naked above him, with his loose hair falling forward attractively.

Holmes kissed him, then let his hands play all over his lover's chest. He liked the idea that they would make love face to face as well, because that had been one of the things he wanted most, to see Watson's face in the moment of ecstasy.

Watson moaned and shifted to tangle their legs. He loved how tall Holmes was, how he could envelope Watson in his arms. They fit so well together.

Slowly Holmes moved down and began to part Watson's legs so he could lie between and try to fellate him again.

"Oh God!" Watson couldn't help bucking his hips uncontrollably, and Holmes had to hold him down. Watson bit his lip and was more aroused by Holmes's strong grip on him. Indeed, this was his rightful, dominant place.

Holmes stopped after a while and moved to reach for the vaseline. He rubbed it along the inside of both Watson's thighs, making a warm, tingling sensation.

Watson moaned and reached to fondle Holmes, who was half-hard already.

At last Holmes closed Watson's legs together and straddled him now. He leaned forward to kiss Watson, then slid his erection between Watson's thighs. Holmes sighed with pleasure and adjusted Watson's legs to rub against him.

Slowly he moved back and forth, while still meeting Watson's eyes. He encouraged Watson to lubricate his hands and work his member too.

"Picture me inside you," Holmes said, and he saw Watson blush, but shift with desire. Holmes had to grip Watson's thighs and hold them firmly together while he continued to thrust in between.

"Oh Sherlock."

Holmes continued to whisper dirty things as he started to drive harder, changing the angle to be more forceful. Watson moaned and tried to keep up with him. Holmes watched his face intently, loving every reaction that crossed his beautiful features.

"You are mine, darling. Always mine."

"Yes, yes. Yours." He closed his eyes.

They both moved faster, becoming breathless and hot. At the moment that he sensed Watson's climax, Holmes captured his mouth in another kiss to muffle his cry. And there it was, the perfect moment he had longed to see. Wet spurts against his belly, and a face that spoke of love and devotion. Holmes kept thrusting a little longer until he too cried out, imagining himself buried deep inside his lover. Holmes finally let go and collapsed against Watson.

When he caught his breath, he moved to wipe Watson clean with the sheets, but Watson stopped him, enjoying the feeling of Holmes's seed spilled between his thighs. So they lay still and kissed, falling asleep together. Holmes only regretted that they could not be really married, and could not always wear their rings on their correct fingers.

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