Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Prop 8 Saga Continues

So, the appeals court imposed a stay on Judge Walker's decision, meaning that no same-sex marriages can resume in California until at least December. I'm disappointed that couples will have to wait months (or maybe longer) for all these appeals to go through before they can get their rights. This case will eventually wind up at the Supreme Court, although perhaps the Prop 8 Proponents will be unable to appeal because they don't have the legal standing to do so. At least I hope the Ninth Circuit judges will rule that way.

This is why I was hesitant to celebrate when Judge Walker's decision was first reported, because nobody could give a straight answer at first on whether Judge Walker was going to stay his decision or not. And then he did stay it, to let the Prop 8-ers file a motion with the higher court. And now the Ninth Circuit court has stayed it, and no matter what they decide, another stay could be imposed by the Supreme Court. On and on. It's just so many hurdles to get over, but history tells us that no battle for equal rights has ever gone smoothly and quickly. I'm trying to be patient.

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