Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More on BBC Sherlock

This very long article about the BBC Sherlock series begins by discussing Holmes adaptations in general, even mentioning such animated fare as Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and Sherlock Hound (which I recently discovered from links on Hulu). The article is full of insights and Sherlockian trivia needing footnotes. :) Then in the last portion he compares "Study in Pink" directly with STUD, in canon-specific detail. (He also discusses the 1968 Peter Cushing version that I reviewed before.) He points out several improvements to the plot, such as omitting the Mormon backstory and fixing the problematic capture of Jefferson Hope. The guy even includes a long P.S. about Doctor Who's connections with the Sherlock Holmes universe. I find the author rambling at times, and too fond of dashes, but otherwise it's a good read so long as you don't mind MAJOR SPOILERS for the TV show. It's best that you've already watched "Study in Pink" first.

Another good read is this lovely fic called Reasons, which is the most convincing of all the BBC Sherlock fics I have read so far. I recommend it highly, but warn that it has spoilers for the first two episodes of the series.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the rec! I responded to your comment over at my journal, but I'm not certain if you get email notifications. I'm not sure why a high-profile modern adaptation hadn't been done before this; it seems like a fairly obvious project. I'm glad BBC is doing it justice.