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George Michael/Maeby consummation scene

Sorry about the delay in posting any fic, let alone anything else. I got caught up in the bizarre political dramas of the past month, as well as my own job worries about a potential layoff. I kept trying to finish a new chapter to post, but kept getting distracted easily. So I think I really need to get a laptop, because I can never seem to write at my desktop computer. Thoughts only come to me when I'm in bed, it seems.

But I did at last write something new, for my AD fic "Far From Over." I'll post this scene here, but nowhere else, since it's not a complete chapter. After this I'll try to start archiving old fics and stuff. I'll tag them with "old" or "new", "complete" or not, and categorize them by fandom and ratings too. And of course I hope to continue writing, despite my current lack of a laptop.

I haven't written a hetero story in a while, let alone a hetero sex scene, so I was uncertain about whether I should write George Michael as being so bold in this scene, and Maeby not being so nervous, either. But then I thought, come on, they're teenagers and they're drunk, and they're married, so what's the hold up? On with the cousin lovin'!

Fandom: Arrested Development
Story: "Far From Over",
hotel scene, part of Chapter 14
pairing: George Michael/Maeby
Rated NC-17.

Author's Note: [I guess this part should have been in the last chapter, but it was already too long. Anyway, George Michael and Maeby went to the jewelry store at about the same time that Michael arrived at the penthouse. Let's say that once Michael turned his cellphone on again (before GOB came to the penthouse), Michael didn't listen to all his voicemails, because most of them were from GOB, nagging him to come to the yacht. So Michael didn't notice a missed call from his son and didn't call him back that day or night.]

At the jewelry store, George Michael and Maeby picked out simple golden wedding bands, then returned to the hotel together. They held hands as they walked, and George Michael said, "I'll buy you a diamond later, Maeby. I promise." Even with his banana stand money, he could not afford a diamond that didn't look humiliatingly small, so Maeby had suggested a ring without a stone.

Maeby replied, "I told you, it doesn't matter to me, George Michael. It's just so people will know for sure that we're married, without us having to pull out the marriage certificate all the time."

"I know. I just wish I could've gotten you something as nice as my mom's ring." He squeezed her hand.

"That's okay. You don't have a credit card or anything yet. I still need to get you a job at my studio."

"Yeah. With a job I can save up for a real ring."

Maeby was beginning to get nervous. George Michael's insistence on a real ring of course meant that he considered this a real marriage. To Maeby it was more of a useful accident, a cover story that would allow them to date; she preferred thinking of them as girlfriend and boyfriend now.

So Maeby said discouragingly, "Well, no, we should both save our money for rent and stuff. L.A.'s very expensive."

"Oh, right." George Michael sighed with disappointment. "Well, I'll just have to save up longer, I guess. I'm sorry."

"That's okay. No rush." She kissed him to change the subject. Maeby didn't want George Michael to spend money on a real wedding ring, when she wasn't sure that their marriage would actually last forever. They should wait it out a while, she felt, and they hadn't even had sex yet.

When they returned to their hotel suite, George Michael excused himself to call his father, hoping that maybe his dad would pitch in some money to help him buy Maeby a real ring faster than he could save up for it. Strangely, though, his dad wasn't answering the phone. So George Michael left a voicemail message.

In the other room, Maeby phoned the movie studio to say that she definitely wouldn't come back to work until tomorrow, and she might be late too since they'd need to check into a motel before they started apartment hunting. "But that's okay, right? 'Cause I can only work limited hours."

Her boss confirmed, "Yeah, 'cause the child labor laws still apply even though you're emancipated. But you'll get here and sign all the documents and contracts, right?"

"Yeah, definitely. I'll bring George Michael too, if he needs to sign anything. Uh, he also wanted to talk about rewriting the movie script to mention our getting married."

"Oh yeah, your husband." Mort had heard the news from the studio lawyer who talked to Maeby. "Uh, congratulations. By the way, I'm sorry about... you know, flirting with you before. I mean, you didn't tell me your real age or anything." Mort had come on to her once and hinted about taking her out to dinner.

"I know. But I did remind you that you're married."

"Touché. I guess you had to keep your secrets then, just like I hope you'll keep my secrets now. Hint, hint." So far, Maeby hadn't got Mort into trouble with his wife.

"Sure," she said. "And I was wondering if George Michael could get a job at Tantamount too. Hint, hint."

"I'll see what I can do."

"He'd be good as a script reader." Then Maeby told Mort about her mother's upcoming birthday party at Stan Sitwell's estate. "We can go there and make a big publicity push for the movie."

"Yeah, that sounds great. Really build the momentum for our movie, instead of the one with Annyong."

Meanwhile, George Michael ordered dinner for them, and Maeby got off the phone when the room service arrived.

Bringing the food to the couch, he lit the candles and turned down the lights in the room. "I'm glad we're staying the night."

She could see through his obvious attempt at romance, but she agreed, "Me too." Maeby was too drunk to drive, and maybe it wouldn't be bad to fool around again.

So they finished off the champagne bottle from before, and this made Maeby giggle once more. George Michael pulled out his laptop again and they watched his Les Cousins Dangereux DVD.

This time they paid attention, and Maeby got rather turned on. The movie was much better than her sanitized American remake, and it was definitely rated R for a reason. The kids started making out on the couch, and George Michael eagerly rounded second base again.

"Oh, George Michael..." Maeby closed her eyes and moaned, starting to undress George Michael in return.

"Maeby." They slid off the couch onto the floor, where they could only hear the movie, not see it. George Michael had practically memorized the movie, of course, so he tried some moves from it.

"Oh!" She found his increasing boldness very hot and surprising.

While the sexy music played from the movie, George Michael got into her pants, then her panties.

Maeby kissed him passionately and kicked off her shoes, as her toes started to curl. She started to wriggle out of her pants, and her hair spread out on the rug beneath them.

Part of George Michael's brain said that maybe he should slow down, or at least pause for a moment. Instead of messing around on the rug, he should do something romantic and gentlemanly, like carry her into the bedroom. Anyway, George Michael stopped listening to his brain, diving head first into third base.

She cried out and ran her fingers through his hair. George Michael was certainly no expert in oral sex, or any other kind for that matter, but she wasn't very experienced either. He made up for his lack of skills with his enthusiasm and his willingness to try anything. He also paid close attention to her verbal and nonverbal signs of approval when he did stuff right. She wriggled and squealed as he alternated between fingering her and tasting her.

Getting quite hard, George Michael stopped to undo his fly and to gaze at her now naked body. She was so beautiful. "Maeby." He kissed her and murmured, "I love you." If it made her nervous, he figured that he could claim drunkenness again.

She did not object, though, and this time she smartmouthed, "I know."

George Michael grinned, and hurried to discard the rest of his clothes as well.

Then she pulled him close again and they felt the full heat of each other, skin to skin. She was wet and opening up, and he wanted to be inside her, but he wasn't sure that she really wanted to go all the way yet. Was she just drunk? So he reminded her that they didn't have any condoms, and nervously asked, "Uh, you think we should get--um, call room service for--I mean, if we, we need some now?"

She nodded and said, "Okay."

"Yeah? Okay," he grinned in relief and delight. "Yeah, I'll--yeah." He caressed her disheveled hair, then sat up to grab the nearest phone.

She sat up too and remarked that they might as well move from the floor now. Getting off the rug, she walked into the bedroom and climbed onto the bed.

George Michael watched her appreciatively and quickly ordered the condoms before rushing to join her. They kissed and embraced on the bed, and while waiting, she started to feel him up and find out what moves could make him moan. He could hardly believe this was really happening, that they were married and about to consummate it. He felt lightheaded enough to be dreaming.

When the room service arrived, Maeby got up and put on her robe to answer the door. She hurried back to bed and handed him the pack while she slipped off her robe. After some clumsiness in tearing open the wrapper, George Michael managed to put on the condom. With kisses, he gently opened her up again, and Maeby cried out when he sank inside her. She was so wet and hot, and he paused to make sure then she was comfortable. Maeby clutched his back and closed her eyes he started to thrust. She writhed and moaned as he rocked her against the mattress. He lasted for as long as he could, and called out Maeby's name when he came. This set her off, and they collapsed together.

She sighed when he slid out of her, then opened her eyes to gaze at her not-cousin, who wasn't so timid after all.

George Michael finally caught his breath and looked at her in return. "Oh, Maeby." He smiled goofily and nuzzled her. He had lost his virginity at last, to his dream girl.

They kissed some more, but began to feel cold, so he pulled the blankets over them. He took her hand and caressed her ring finger again, kissing it. Now they no longer had to lie about consummating their marriage.

She snuggled close to him and didn't even have the energy to worry about the realness of their marriage. She felt safe in his arms, rather than scared, and they cozily fell asleep together.

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