Friday, November 30, 2012

Last night's shows

Just when I thought my DVR troubles were done, the signal strengths on my local CBS stations switched suddenly. The weak station became the strong station and vice versa, so I had to reset my Season Passes again. Am I gonna have to keep monitoring the signal strengths week to week? Anyway, I had to watch the latest Elementary episode off of CBS's website again. Good episode, though I was horrified that Holmes broke open that poor woman's wall to find the dead body inside. Yeah, it had to be done eventually, but to do that secretly, then leave it exposed so that she might accidentally wander in without explanation, was kinda cruel!

In other news, Person of Interest is pissing me off with its pushing multiple trite romantic storylines lately. I don't fucking care about Harold/Grace flashbacks because they're shoehorned in at the expense of learning anything about Nathan's death or Harold's injuries. And they never explain why Nathan's son Will is allowed to know that Uncle Harold is alive, even though Will is the more obvious target for a bad guy trying to find the Machine. Plus, everybody's still mean to Fusco for no reason! If this show continues being so rotten, I might just drop it too.

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