Saturday, November 3, 2012

Preemptions and DVR woes

Yay! Nikita's ratings improved at last, stopping the downward trend for now. Next week will be the return of Owen and Amanda, so I'll be happy. Although it's disappointing that the week after the show will be preempted for a Top Model special. I wonder what will be the lead-in after that's gone.

In other news, my Tivo screwed up again and didn't record Elementary, so I had to watch it on CBS's website. I'm glad to learn more about Joanie Watson's background. I like her nickname and might start calling her Joanie from now on.

On Tuesday, NBC preempted Go On and New Normal for their Hurricane Sandy special, so I had to buy New Normal on iTunes instead. (I can wait for Go On, though NBC still won't say when it will reschedule the episodes.) I didn't mind the telethon on Friday as much because that could actually help the victims rather than just rehash what other news has already covered. I hope that people are safe and recovering.

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