Saturday, October 27, 2012

Better TV

Meanwhile, Nikita is still showing great love and respect for Nikita & Alex's relationship. Their friendship is almost like sisterhood, or a mother/daughter bond. Seeing them rescue the kidnapped and brainwashed girl in this week's episode was so good, and was a reminder of how well the writers handle strong women. All we need now is the villain Amanda to make her return. (It seems also that the female President on the show is a villain of sorts, with her threats about wiping out Division if it becomes too troublesome and visible.)

Mockingbird Lane also aired tonight. It was eccentric and fascinating, and definitely quirky. I did like the macabre humor and the special effects, though I'm sure the effects would have to be toned down in a normal series. But it didn't offend me the way that the Addams Family movies offended me for changing Wednesday Addams and going for more gross out humor. Well, we'll see what the ratings are like.

I enjoyed Elementary this week also. It's great that Holmes, like book Holmes, does not like the rich and powerful much. Holmes being fallible and in genuine danger was great too, because he is in fact human, and not a perfect reasoning machine. I loved the scene with Gregson at the end, and also Holmes's remarks to Watson about how deductions make relationships hard. Even though the case eventually turned into serial murder, it at least started out as a private client wanting to find a missing person. So hopefully we'll have more private cases in the future, and I hope some will not become murder. I'd even take a jewel heist or bank robbery. We'll see.

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