Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall TV

I'm very sad about the awful ratings for the season 3 premiere of Nikita. It was such a good episode. It seems that the promos during Arrow didn't help. Maybe it was the baseball, but I don't follow sports.

I've decided to drop Arrow because I didn't like the 2nd episode. The only good parts were on the island, and the only real emotion was when Oliver's sister said she spent the past five years lonely and talking to his headstone for company. But instead of reciprocating or mentioning again that she was "with him" on the island, he just leaves to see his ex-girlfriend. Plus I hated the self-righteous arguments between the Lances. Apparently Laurel thinks that being a passionate lawyer means she's invincible and doesn't need police protection even after surviving an assassination attempt.

She could learn from Nikita that being a strong woman doesn't mean you act stupid and refuse help. Nikita and her special family all survive by relying on each other and working as a team. So anyway I was going to drop the show but hesitated when I saw the mysterious hooded figure on the island who shot Oliver. I later learned from Green Arrow fans that the hooded figure is likely Deathstroke, a comic character and known assassin. So with that mystery solved there's no need to keep watching a show with such annoying and unrealistic characters. I've already got vigilante shows with far better writing to watch.

I'm also getting increasingly fed up with The Good Wife. Kalinda's storyline is awful and Alicia's being stupidly passive again (about her affair and Peter's scandals). Also apparently Cary was brought back to the firm for no reason whatsoever, to have no lines whatsoever. I'm falling out of love with the show real quick.

I'm continuing to enjoy Elementary, though, and I'm glad that the ratings didn't drop that much due to the preemption last week. They had a very interesting villain this time, and also a choice quote from A Study in Scarlet, from Holmes's "Book of Life" article.

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