Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rick Perry is a goober

Jim Hightower sure says it right, in his article on Why is Texas So Psycho?.

And just yesterday I saw something advertised on TV about some debate/discussion being held to mark Obama's first 100 days, moderated by Rick Perry. Moderated by Rick Perry! My God!

Please, please believe that Texas is full of good Democrats disgusted by Perry, and that we don't wanna secede. We'll turn blue one of these days, if you just don't abandon us.

Edited to add more proof of the governor being a goober. Oh, you won't take the bailout money, but you'll take the federal emergency funds for hurricanes, huh? Then you'll declare a swine flu emergency for more funds, but say it's not really that big a crisis!

That bastard is on a one-man mission to make all us Texans look ridiculous to the rest of the country. As if we don't have enough trouble from Bush.

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