Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prelude revised

Today I fixed some typos and other minor stuff on the Prelude ebook, and I republished it on Feedbooks. You probably won't notice any difference. So far the ebook seems to be doing well, with 192 downloads (one of which was me) in about a month's time.

It's at the same link as before: Prelude to a Partnership

Today's also the big day as Apple announces its tablet computer. Apparently it's called the iPad. I hate the name already. It's not a dedicated e-reading device, but we don't need anymore of those after the glut of products at CES. I still haven't purchased any device yet, needing to save my cash for school. I still favor either the Nook or a plain jane non-wireless device, so long as it covers enough formats like ePub and doesn't have too restrictive a DRM scheme. In short, I still want an e-ink screen, even if the color ones won't come out for about another year. So I'll still keep looking and saving up for a while.

I wish Apple the best of luck, though. Since the tablet has iTunes on it, I imagine that the same ebook reading apps from the iPhone will be available. It's all good competition.

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