Monday, July 12, 2010

New Nook

I did return the Astak Mentor for a refund, and got a Nook WiFi instead. I don't like the case as much, and there are no folders for me to organize my books, so I'll have to be careful how much I load on here. But for the most part I am satisfied. While I was writing more of my Madness story, it was very handy for me to be able to look up canon quotations on my Nook instead of having to drag out my Annotated volumes. I'd still use the Annotated if I needed to look up some notes about a story, instead of the story text itself.

If I can find time, I may try to make a bunch of screensavers or wallpapers for the Nook out of the Sidney Paget illustrations. I tried scanning them in from my Annotated, but they came out wrong because most of the pictures were too close to the spine of the book, making it hard to get them flat against the scanner. I had to use the pics at Camden House instead because they were both darker and clearer.

In other news, Prelude is now being translated into Chinese. I can't read it (other than the English names in the text) but based on the footnotes, it appears that Amy has finished Chapter 4 so far.

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