Monday, March 7, 2011

Prelude - 3000 downloads

On Sunday my ebook reached 3,000 downloads, after approximately 15 months on Feedbooks. This seems very encouraging to me and I think about writing a sequel to it at last. I've had this plotbunny in my head about Holmes's childhood in which he had a sister Violet who was killed. I did not want to use this backstory in DIM, because I want his childhood to be relatively happy and free of trauma there. But if I used this tragic past in Prelude, it would be explain why he's so reluctant to open up to Watson about his cocaine, even though cocaine use is perfectly legal in Victorian times. Holmes is more upset about his failure to save his sister, and vigilantly reminds himself not to trust people because it will compromise his ability to spot a murderer or other criminal.

Anyway, it probably won't be done for months at least, but I will be working on it off and on.

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