Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great news

Woo hoo! New York passed the gay marriage bill! And here I was thinking that all the delay about religious exemptions was going to lead to not getting the votes before the end of the session. I'm very happy for all the couples now that will have equal rights at last.

It's also some positive news I needed, what with Rick Perry beginning his overtures to for a presidential run. It's so sickening. I also recently received a letter from my senator, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, saying she still would not confirm Obama's judicial nominations. So I wrote her another email letter, though I guess it won't make any difference. She's no more likely to change her right-wing ways than Rick Perry, even though they probably hate each other.

At least Obama announced the troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. I know it's not as much as many people want, but it's more than expected. With the public support collapsing, the war shall finally end.

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