Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jonny Lee Miller cast in Elementary

Here's the casting news from Deadline Hollywood. I'm pleased that now there are more people willing to defend the idea of the US show and point out that lots of people have tried updating Holmes before.

But I really don't understand how it's "asking to get sued" to cast Jonny Lee Miller, or why that would be seen as a betrayal. You can't sue over an actor who's not in the show being cast. It's his career, not Benedict's. They can only be sued if they copy the particular look and feel of BBC Sherlock, which they probably won't, being set in New York after all. Ditto if they copy characters like Molly or Sally Donovan, or make Mycroft and Lestrade look and act the same as they do on BBC Sherlock. Still, I don't see anyone suing BBC Sherlock over taking Mycroft's personality from The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes movie.

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