Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsmen

Well I saw the Snow White movie today. Charlize was magnificent as Ravenna as I expected, but she didn't have many scenes with the magic mirror. We would see glimpses of her at the castle, doing things like conjuring the black ravens and bathing in milk, but it seemed mostly for good visuals. We didn't get a clear explanation of the curse, the limits of her power, or a full backstory. I mean, at least explain when and where she got the magic mirror. How did she reunite with her brother? What happened to their mother? When did she do a spell that allowed her brother to call on her for help when injured? Also let the magic mirror indicate what Ravenna is going to do with Snow White's heart. Eat it like the birds's heart? Or boil it up in some soup to drink like when her mother cast the first "fairest blood" spell?

Some of the accents were hard for me to understand in the movie, and though I liked the dwarves, I'm kind of disturbed that they cast regular size actors instead of real little people. I don't know, it's not like The Hobbit when I can accept that they cast regular people and use visual trickery to shrink them. To me, the seven dwarves are an opportunity to find the next awesome little person beyond Peter Dinklage. Still, the scene where Snow White danced with the one dwarf was good. I didn't like that the William character had so little development and didn't even apologize for working for Queen Ravenna's brother and letting them hurt innocent people, just so he could find Snow White. I mean, that one dwarf got shot with an arrow because of him.

I didn't mind Kristen Stewart's acting much. I just found the "magical" moments where she bonds with the Troll, the fairies, and the white Elk boring. I mean, a few seconds revealing that the fairies had been responsible for the birds leading Snow White to safety was one thing, but the lingering in the magical Sanctuary forest was unnecessary. And I found all the build up of her as "life-giver" disappointing when in the end of the movie we only see the flowers bloom on the tree branch, but nothing about life reviving for all the poor villagers outside the castle.

I've learned that the movie will have a sequel, which may be why they're saving a grand happy ending transformation scene. Still, I don't feel the need for a sequel now that Ravenna's gone. I also was disappointed that Snow White's dialogue after stabbing the queen was just "You can't have my heart." That's it? Nothing about avenging your father, or saving the kingdom, or even a petty insult about Ravenna having no heart of her own? It was a really pathetic line.

Overall, it was a good fairy tale epic, but I don't need more of it. I want to see Angelina Jolie's take on Maleficent.

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