Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics

I voted early on Friday in the Democratic Primary runoff. Luckily I also got the day off from work, but was still bombarded with political flyers in my mailbox and with the hated TV and radio ads from the Republicans.

That night I watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony on NBC, and Danny Boyle managed to celebrate British culture fairly well, but the different sections felt disjointed. The children's choirs sounded lovely but I couldn't make out most of the words they were singing, other than "Oh Danny Boy" and the last "green and pleasant land" bit of the Jerusalem hymn.

I didn't like the Frankie and June love story going so long; it was endless and the music didn't even include Elton John. I also didn't like Paul McCartney weakly singing "Hey Jude" with no relevance at all to the Olympics. The James Bond and Rowan Atkinson appearances were cool, though I would have liked to see the Doctor Who bit that I've heard got cut out.

It's a sad fact that the scene celebrating the Britain's national healthcare is lost on Tea Party idiots who complain about leftist conspiracies. American politics is so screwed up, especially in Texas.

Anyway, the lighting effects from those panels between the seats were cool, and so were the fireworks. The lighting of the Olympic cauldron was impressive, but they didn't show us how each country added their brass petal to the thing, so that was like cheating a bit. Oh well.

I'm not one bit interested in sports, though, so I won't be watching any more of the Olympics. Good luck to everybody.

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