Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Texas Redistricting

Yay! A federal court ruled that the Republican redistricting maps in Texas were discriminatory. These are the original maps, not the "interim" maps that are currently in place for November 2012.

The decision is going to be appealed so there's uncertainty about whether the interim maps will have to be redrawn. I don't think there's time to do it now and get approved before November, so it might be for the 2014 elections instead.

No, I'm not watching the GOP convention, not even to see Senate Candidate Ted Cruz embarrass Texas with his Tea Party rhetoric. No I don't need to hear from ignorant Democrats about how Texas should secede except for Austin. Help us, or shut up!

Edit Aug 30th: The Voter ID law was rejected on Thursday. Good. People whining that anybody can get a driver's license need to remember that some DMVs in Texas are 120 miles away from where people live. Even in DFW where there are DMVs close by people's neighborhoods, the DMVs are fucking overcrowded with huge wait times. These are unfair burdens that shouldn't be put in place for voters, especially the poor and elderly.

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