Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Voting Rights Act

Aw, crap! The Supreme Court struck down the "preclearance" formula of the Voting Rights Act. I think this means that states like Texas can make any voting rights laws they want to, and no federal court can stop them until after they're passed. The Texas GOP is sure to try enacting or passing more voting ID laws, which won't have to go through preclearance. With that and the redistricting mess since the last census, we'll be fucked come next election. Thanks a lot, Justices! If anybody wants Texas to turn blue, then you've gotta fucking help, instead of whining that Texas should secede.

Plus, in the meantime we're relying on a filibuster to stop the new anti-abortion bill. I can't take off work to go to Austin, but good luck, Wendy!

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