Sunday, October 13, 2013

I hate elections

On Friday I was annoyed to see a few protesters near the highway with "Impeach Obama" signs. So sickening. There are local elections this November, where voters will have to show ID under the new law. I hate it, and I hope the court will strike down the law before the 2014 elections. Wendy Davis needs all the help she can get.

There was a good post on Daily Kos about not bashing Texas and it provides some good links about turning Texas blue. It really destroys the morale if all you hear from liberals is "Secede already" and not "We have your back."

It's just like the government shutdown and the debt ceiling fight. The Republicans make these threats and demands every few weeks it seems, and it's really depressing that we can't have a functioning government. I really hope this gets resolved soon, or a lot of furloughed federal employees are going to have a terrible Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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