Thursday, March 20, 2014

Veronica Mars

I haven't watched the TV show in years, so I was glad that the movie provided backstory for newbies. I still didn't remember certain characters like Gia, but I managed to get a lot of the in-jokes, and I enjoyed the movie. The dialogue was great, and I appreciated that the mystery wasn't some stupid serial-killer trope. It was great hearing the snarky banter with all of Veronica's friends and getting to appreciate her relationship with her dad again. The dark class-war stuff reminded me how dystopian the fictional Neptune is. It's odd that Rob Thomas mentions Chinatown when he discusses a possible sequel movie. To me, it's already Chinatown, with the privileged classes buying their way, while the heroes fight corruption and forces beyond their control. I do hope the movie succeeds enough to continue. I wouldn't mind a Veronica Mars franchise. Perhaps there will be another quasi-crossover with more Arrested Development actors appearing in it.

In the mean time, I'm debating whether to see the next Captain America movie for Black Widow. Seeing her do more might be good, but I'm worried they might revert her character to how she was in Iron Man 2, when she was mostly used for sexual innuendo and catsuit fighting. I saw a couple of Black Widow action figures at the toy store, and was disappointed in how her boobs were emphasized; I guess I shouldn't have expected any better. I want some real character depth, and I don't like comic book movies purely for comic books. I skipped the latest Thor, Spiderman, and Superman films without interest. They say that Wonder Woman will make an appearance in the Batman-Superman thing, but they could easily screw her up. She could be more like Catwoman or a damsel in distress than a Greek warrior with grace and brains and courage. They might make her crippled by stupid emotional issues, or make her part of a pointless love triangle. Why can't she have her own movie? Her own show again?

Oh well. It's just dumb entertainment to take my mind off horrible politics and the dystopia that we do actually live in.

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