Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Oh fuck it. As if the Supreme Court's ruling on Hobby Lobby wasn't bad enough in itself, now religious leaders want an exemption so they can discriminate against LGBT employees. Obama's executive order only applies to federal contractors as I understand it, so if you're a church or whatever and don't want to comply, then just don't be a federal contractor any more. I mean sure, you lose a potentially lucrative government contract, but that's how it works. You comply with the federal law, including any extra hoops you have to jump through to compete, then you might get the contract. (I've worked for more than one business that has federal contracts, and every year we have to go through mandated training to remind us of our responsibilities to maintain our compliance with said contracts.) So tough luck if you don't want to be a federal contractor under the new rules.

And as for fucking Hobby Lobby, which is not in any way, shape, or form a church--Fuck you! If you wanted a special religious exemption, you shouldn't have become a corporation. You should have become a church! Why should the bosses get to dictate their employees' medical decisions that have nothing to do with them? Why is there no pleasing these insane fanatics? This is why the Citizens United decision makes no sense. A corporation isn't a person. It shouldn't have the right to "deeply held religious beliefs" or to the rights of a natural person. If the corporation doesn't get taxed at the same rates as a natural person, doesn't go to jail for crimes like a natural person, and doesn't have campaign contribution limits like a natural person, then why should it have rights to religious beliefs? Fuck! I used to be curious about Christianity in college (I was raised Buddhist) but the more I learn the more I hate these stupid evangelicals that try to shove their beliefs on other people! Why can they never learn to leave their private religion in their churches and homes instead of everywhere in our faces! This is not a fucking Christian nation! Where's your "love thy neighbor" courtesy and humility?

What a shitty week. How about a fucking Independence Day from religion, huh? That I'd welcome.

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