Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Wow, that ALS ice bucket challenge has really taken off, including such celebrities as Kermit the Frog. I'm ambivalent about the challenge myself, for I fear it is a waste of water (which I've very aware of in a drought-stricken state) but I also think the silly stunt is a fun stress-reliever that people need right now in these days of horrible news. It's sort of like the feel-good power of the Reading Rainbow kickstarter I suppose, so I won't begrudge anybody deciding to do it. I know I definitely need the distraction. I don't even want to read about smarmy Rick Perry's indictment.

I recently read about this cool Lego Friends Super Friends project, and I really like it. I never actually had a problem with the Lego Friends characters having pink colors, because I think in general that all lego sets should have more variety of colors. But I really want the female superheroes. I like Black Widow, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman the most because I mostly don't read comics or know the other characters. I hope Lego will make something like this commercially.

I haven't been to see the Guardians of the Galaxy movie yet, and am still debating whether I'm missing out, given all the praise it's gotten. I also considered going to see the Ninja Turtles movie because Will Arnett is in it, but I don't know if his part is too minor to be worth it; him playing the Lego Batman was totally worth it, though. Jason Bateman meanwhile is in a lot of movies coming out this year. I think I will see This is Where I Leave You because the premise is interesting and it looks like a kooky family. But I will forever crave for him to work with Will more. Even to guest star on Will's show The Millers would be fine, because I love seeing them together, and the sitcom isn't really that bad. No more formulaic than Bateman has done in his past career. Why can't there be more Arrested Development news? Will recently confirmed season 5, but still there's no word of when.

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