Saturday, November 1, 2014

Elementary's Return

I just watched the premiere episode, and I liked how they showed Joan living independently and handling some cases on her own. The idea of Holmes being absent for eight months didn't bother me. Even before Holmes disappeared for three years in FINA in the canon, it was clear that he left Baker Street for months at a time to solve cases in France and other places without Watson, even when they weren't apparently fighting. Of course, Joan is rightfully annoyed that he abruptly ended the partnership and left for London without speaking to her.

I liked how they made amends gradually, and that Gregson asserted that Joan had made herself invaluable, so she would have the final say about whether Holmes could work for the precinct. When Kitty Winter was introduced, she did seem very jealous of Joan, but thankfully the writers did not emphasize the rivalry too long, and they had a good talk in the end. So hopefully the writers will continue to pass the Bechdel test and have women who can work together and not be fighting over a man. I know Kitty Winter's backstory from the "Illustrious Client" story, so I'll be looking to see if Baron Gruner or Violet whoever shows up eventually. I hope it will be an interesting arc, and that it won't just lead back to Moriarty again. I see that the next episode is named after the "Five Orange Pips", and I'm afraid that it will only be a huge disappointment like "The Man with the Twisted Lip" which had fuck-all to do with the canon story. I will reiterate what I said then, "Don't fucking steal titles from the canon if you aren't going to do that mystery in your fucking episode!" I'm still mad about that.

So I'll stay with the show for now, but I really really wish we could have some episodes with private clients instead of the police. You don't know how much I would have preferred to see Joan investigating her case about "your missing custom marble tiles" instead of stupid murder mysteries every damn time.

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