Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I'm so disappointed in Hillary Clinton. She wrote an anti-BDS letter to a pro-Israel billionaire donor, comparing the boycotts to anti-Semitism, even though many Jewish people support BDS. Fuck you, Hillary. Best case scenario, she doesn't mean it and is just pandering to this guy for money, but that would still make her a hypocrite (just like all other lying politicians). Worst case scenario is that she means it, and is a blind loyalist to Israel, a foreign nation.

BDS is non-violent, grass-roots action to protest a horrific regime. Of course we're trying to punish Israel. Just like the anti-Apartheid campaigns wanted to punish South Africa. South Africa still exists as a country, by the way, but Apartheid ended. That's all we're seeking. Israel can exist; it just needs to stop its occupation and make peace with the Palestinians (maybe through a two-state solution or whatever else is viable at this point).

Israel and "the Jewish people" are not synonymous. BDS is all that ordinary people can do since Israel refuses to sincerely negotiate, and the United States refuses to cut off their fucking financial aid as punishment. It's frustrating how Congress constantly kowtows to AIPAC lobbying, and tries to mess up the Iran nuclear deal because Israel won't be happy. What the hell else can we ordinary citizens do? BDS is not an attack, and anybody who spouts Netanyahu's line comparing it to the Nazi prelude to genocide is fucked up. You're on my shitlist now, Hillary. I'm not voting for you in the primary, and will only vote for you if you're the nominee in the general election. This is worse than you voting for the Iraq war, or your email misuse. I was willing to forgive you for a lot of things, Hillary, to have our first woman president, but you've crossed a line.

Not that I like Bernie Sanders more; he sounds progressive and all, but I'm not on his hype train. I need to learn more about his faults and policies on gun control and Israel. If he wins the nomination, good for him. I'll vote for the Democrat in 2016 regardless of who it is, because of the loony Republicans. But nobody's getting campaign funds from me if they continue to piss me off like this.

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