Friday, May 20, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

I waited until the crowds thinned to see this movie, and until I read enough spoilers to decide whether it was worth it. I saw it mainly for the introduction of the Black Panther, but was in general annoyed that the movie was overstuffed with other characters like Spiderman and Antman, but I guess they had to do something with Thor and the Hulk gone.

SPOILERS BELOW, but probably everybody's seen this movie long before me.

From the first fight scenes in Nigeria I think, I was so numb to the battles, which always lasted too long. They try to make things creative and new like the stairwell fight, and the car chase where Bucky grabbed a motorcycle and hopped on, but I'm so indifferent to these action sequences, especially when it's for some dull unexplained "fight terrorism" mission. I don't read comic books and I don't watch these Marvel movies for the action. I wanted the humor and emotional drama, but it seemed that every five minutes they changed countries and we had minimal dialogue to establish the situation before yet another crisis took place. I really think I'll skip the Infinity War movie and just concentrate on the standalone movies I want to see like Black Panther and Captain Marvel from now on.

I didn't like that they expected me to remember what happened in Sokovia (I thought most civilians got evacuated, not killed) and other random stuff from other movies. Apparently Antman's guy Pym hates Stark, but I wouldn't know because I skipped that movie. Shrug. They also assume that I give a crap about Tony talking to Spiderman. I found it so dull, and no, I'm not watching the kid's movie, because that character has been rebooted too much, like more times than Batman or the Hulk. It's still crazy for Ironman to recruit a naive kid in a serious battle that doesn't involve him, no matter how few superhero allies he had. He couldn't just use more of his empty Ironman suits for backup? It was so unnecessary.

I read enough spoilers to know the barebones of the plot about the Sokovia Accords, Bucky Barnes, Vision and Scarlet Witch, Peggy Carter's niece Sharon, Zemo, etc. It helped me be less confused but I was impatient and really didn't care about the shitty villain. There was also unexplained weird stuff like that guy at the energy plant who accepted Zemo's sabotage package that caused the blackout. What the hell had that guy ordered, that he expected a giant crate delivery and opened it? Is there no security at that place? So random.

I perked up a bit during the airport fight scene because I thought I saw a staircar painted with the same colors as the Bluth Company staircar. The directors the Russo brothers used to work on Arrested Development. It was only a glimpse in the midst of the fight scenes, so I don't know if I was mistaken. I do think the big battle between the opposing sides was at least worth all the hype; they knew how to deliver better on promises of spectacle than did the Batman vs Superman people, according to what I've read. Still, I felt the last private battle with Ironman against Bucky and Cap went on too long. I kept wondering where Black Panther was and why he didn't intervene, because surely three against Ironman could have stopped the endless fighting. But then they finally showed Black Panther stopping the villain Zemo, but I still didn't find the reveal of Zemo's motives that interesting. The overall conflict wasn't resolved, because of course there's gonna be another war in the later movies... I stayed only for the credit scene with the Black Panther.

I hope his movie in Wakanda won't feel so overstuffed. I want to learn about Black Panther's character and world, not be numbed by endless fight scenes.

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