Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our Brexit

Still don't know how to process the election. There's been a lot of protests and ugliness, including that Veteran's Day incident in the Chili's in the DFW area. I can't stand it, though I try to have hope in Texas. Not blue yet, but making some slow progress.

I heard that Colombia signed a new peace deal despite their recent vote that defeated the previous peace deal. So somebody managed a fix to their crisis at least. I can understand Americans wishing the electoral college vote with the popular vote, though I'm skeptical that the petition will do anything. Obama and other people are emphasizing the "peaceful transition" thing. I know why he does it, because in the debates Democrats made a big deal about Trump saying he might not concede. It'd be hypocritical of us to not concede in return. But still, it's heartbreaking to do it again, after Gore gave up on the 2000 election.

I had to give up on watching political news lately. I even gave up on Designated Survivor last week because the political wrangling was so over the top and awful in that episode. It's going to be bad enough in real life, without imaginary bickering too.

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