Friday, November 20, 2009

Illinois is welcoming

Since it's getting close to Thanksgiving, I feel thankful that the residents of Thomson, Illinois, aren't afraid of accepting the Guantanamo detainees in their prison. They sound quite sane, unlike all the politicians and pundits saying, "not in my state" and how it's oh so dangerous to keep the prisoners here. Bush didn't put them in Guantanamo because our domestic prisons are unsafe; he put them there so he could have them tortured in a place where laws are a big fucking grey area! We already have convicted terrorists in our U.S. prisons!

So I'm proud of Thomson for stepping up, especially since they're in Obama's home state. I'm sad that we're not going to make the deadline for closing Gitmo this year, but what else can I expect after all this refusal to cooperate from Congress and other stupid fearmongerers?

I just hope that once the prisoners are out of Gitmo, that it's only a temporary stop. We're not moving them to other prisons just to hold them forever, never charging them or trying them or getting any kind of due process. We need to get back to exercising laws and respecting human rights.

I was so glad to hear about those Uighurs being released to Palau. If they're not guilty of anything, let them freaking go! We still have no idea how many other detainees were captured by mistake, or were tortured into false confessions. These people need to have their day in court, to learn the charges against them, and the evidence, and we the public need to see this too, to realize what kinds of terrible things the Bush administration got away with. We Americans have to see this for ourselves, so that we'll remember and never let this happen again.

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