Monday, November 30, 2009

1950s Holmes on Hulu

While browsing Hulu this weekend, I found that they had all 39 episodes of the Sherlock Holmes series starring Ronald Howard and H. Marion Crawford. This is the one I discussed earlier. I recommend it as a fun series and an unusually young portrayal of Holmes. There are also related links from that Hulu page, featuring Basil Rathbone movies, Christopher Lee movies, and a version of "The Speckled Band" starring Douglas Wilmer.

I watched Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady last night. It had both Irene Adler and Sigmund Freud! Plus they namedropped a few spies from the canon like Hugo Oberstein and Von Bork. The Holmes/Adler stuff was tolerable because at least she was a widow, not cheating on Norton, and even though she kept trying to romance Holmes, he kept ignoring her. When she suggested getting a hotel room next to his, he said, "Watson is in the hotel room next to mine." He also defended Watson to another guy that insulted him, but this was spoiled when Watson got into a foolish tussle and wound up in the water. I also felt sorry for Watson to have to dine alone and be ditched by Holmes so many times during the case.

In other news, Feedbooks fixed their problematic footnotes, so I have resumed editing Prelude as an ebook. I still have no custom cover for it, though, and wish I could draw something. But I've no time, nor any idea more specific than a vague image of an intwined HW monogram on the cover.

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